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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 338: Her Rich Brother’s Kindness

Florence called Phoebe in advance, telling her that she was moving out. Phoebe waited for her at home. Since she used to stay here, Florence had Phoebe’s apartment key. When she arrived, she opened the door herself. As soon as she walked in, she heard a loud bang. As if some flowers exploded, colorful stripes fell above her head. Phoebe was standing in front of her and said loudly with a smile, “Flory, congratulations on your success in confession. Wish you and Ernest marry soon and have a baby shortly!” Florence stiffed. Her heart that she kept pretended calm was like being cut by something all of a sudden. The wound suppressed by her was exposed immediately, the pain of which making her feel the spasm and suffocation. “Did you bring Ernest here? I’ve spent a lot of effort on your confession. You should invite me for. ” Phoebe wanted Florence to invite her for dinner. However, as she spoke, she sensed something wrong. Florence’s face was so pale and her eyes were reddened while she was trying hard to suppress her feelings. However, her feelings had nothing to do with happiness. Phoebe wondered what happened. She was shocked. Immediately, she tossed away the cylindrical firework in her hands and walked to Florence in worry. “Flory, what happened? Did you. ” She wondered if Florence failed to confess. However, Phoebe found it hard to finish her question. It seemed so surprising and impossible to her. Florence had prepared the confession carefully. Any man would be moved, not to mention that Ernest had liked Florence so much. No matter what, this confession should be succeeded. But why. Florence shook her head. Suppressing the sobs in her throat, she said in a light tone, “I have nothing to do with Ernest Hawkins from now on. ” Phoebe gaped in disbelief. “How could it be. ” It was truly out of her imagination. “Was there an accident? What happened? Please tell me. ” “Flory caught a cold. She can’t stay out too long. We have to pack up her stuff and go home. ” Stanford walked out of the door shadow, standing next to Florence. As soon as his tall and strong figure showed up, Phoebe was completely stunned. She widened her eyes. What a handsome man! He was way too handsome. Then she wondered who the handsome man showing up so suddenly was and what his relationship was with Florence because Phoebe heard that he would take Florence home. Suddenly, a horrible idea enlightened her. Immediately, she pulled Florence behind her warily. “Who are you?” Seeing that Phoebe was so protective of his sister, Stanford wasn’t annoyed. Instead, he appreciated her a lot. When he hadn’t found Florence, she had such a true friend with her. He guessed that Phoebe must be taking care of Florence all the time. Pressing his lips into a smile, Stanford reached out his hand gentlemanly. “Hi, I’m Stanford Fraser, Florence’s older brother. ” “Her older brother?” Phoebe didn’t get it. “As far as I know, there’s no son in the Fraser family

“No worries. I’m alright now. I’ll be fine soon

. ” Florence forced a smile to relieve Phoebe. The latter could see that Florence was forcing herself to smile. However, one should deal with any matter relevant to love oneself, and others couldn’t help him or her at all. “Thank you so much for taking care of Flory this period. This is just my gratitude for it. Please accept it. ”Stanford pulled out a check and gave it to Phoebe. “Flory and I are friends. This is what I should do. ”Before Phoebe could finish her words, she was so shocked that she couldn’t continue. She gaped at the check shown in front of her and couldn’t believe her eyes. She swallowed and counted the zeros on it . nine zeros in total. What a rich man!Florence also gaped at the check. Shocked, she wondered if Stanford had given Phoebe a wrong check. How could he give so much money for gratitude?Seeing both girls agape, Stanford smiled. Pulling Phoebe’s hand, he put the check into her palm. He said gently, “Thanks a lot for taking care of Florence in the past. I hope you could still be her friend in the future. ”The check in her hand was an irresistible temptation. After hesitating for a moment, Phoebe handed the check back. “Mr. Fraser, I can’t accept this check. Flory and I are friends, and our friendships couldn’t be measured by money. Otherwise, that was not pure friendship at all. ”In the past, when Florence was from an ordinary family, Phoebe who came from a better family didn’t disdain Florence. Now, Florence had become super-wealthy, but Phoebe wouldn’t keep her friendship with Florence just because of her wealth. It was the matter of principle. Stanford liked Phoebe more, a trace of tenderness appearing in the smile of his mouth corners. “This money is also your allowance. In the future, Florence would hang out with you as well. You can spend this allowance and have fun with her. ”Phoebe was agape. She blurted out, “Mr. Fraser, did you mean you’ll cover all the expenses that Florence and I spent when hanging out?”“Yeah. ” Stanford nodded, his eyes full of his doting for Florence. Phoebe was so envious that she longed to have such a brother as well. She also understood that when Stanford gave her this check, he wasn’t going to buy out the friendship between Florence and her. Instead, he wanted to make it up for Florence’s past, which was kindness as a brother. Phoebe couldn’t reject such kindness. It was the very first time that Florence had seen such a wealthy man. And this man turned out to be her biological brother. He could casually pull out a check with so many zeros. She wondered if that meant that she would be that rich as well in the future. Florence realized that she suddenly became a rich woman.