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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 70: He’s My Fiancée

Ernest also stood up and walked out with his long legs. There was a hint of joy in his deep voice, “I’ll send you off. ” “. ” The last person that she wanted to see now was him, okay? “No need for that. I’ll leave myself. ” Florence immediately walked outside without looking back. As she walked out of the gate, she wanted to call a taxi using a mobile app in her phone, but as soon as she switched on her phone, she was stunned to see that her lock screen had been replaced. It was the picture that she took of Ernest! It turned out that Ernest took her phone earlier to replace her current lock screen to the picture of him. This was too. Florence’s cheeks turned red, and her heart was pounding out of her chest. At that moment, a Lamborghini drove over and stopped in front of Florence. The window of the driver’s seat descended, revealing Ernest’s charming face. “Get in. ” Florence held her phone as her face blushed. She dared not look at him, “I’m calling a cab. ” “This is a private manor, there’s no way a car could’ve gotten in. ” Ernest looked straight into Florence’s eyes and lowered his voice, “Grandma is still watching us. Are you sure you want to have an argument with me now?” Upon hearing the last sentence, Florence’s temper was all gone. Grandma was still watching, so they had to be lovey-dovey. She gritted her teeth in anger and unwillingly got into the car. Ernest started the engine of the car and drove away. The corner of his lips curved into a faint smile. After the Lamborghini drove away, Georgia and the old housekeeper stood side by side at the balcony on the second floor, looking at the car driving further away. Georgia had these thoughts in her mind, so she asked, “Johan, do you think they’re truly together?” The old housekeeper grinned. His voice was slow and gentle. “It seemed real to me. ” They might look as if they were really together, but no one knew if that was really the case. His answer was undefined, but it was the answer that Georgia wanted to hear. She deeply looked into the distance and sighed heavily, “No matter what, it have to be true. Ernest must marry Florence. After the contest ended, Florence should have returned to the company for work. However, since Ernest wanted to transfer her to the Hawkins Group, she came to the company to tidy up her things. As soon as she got to the door of the company early in the morning, she ran into two young girls. There was a bouquet of flowers in their hands, and they handed it to Florence with excitement. “This is for you, Florence. ” Florence was stunned that two girls brought her flowers first thing in the morning. What exactly was going on? The two girls stuffed the flowers to Florence’s hands. They admiringly looked at her and said, “We’re from a fashion designing college. We really loved design, and hope that we could design the most beautiful clothing in the future. The dress that you made in Ovi Fashion Design College is really beautiful

Cooper pretended like nothing had happened and handed the milk tea to Florence. “Are you going straight to the Hawkins Group later? Do you need a lift?” “It’s alright, Mr. Hawkins has arranged a car to pick me up

. ” Florence took a sip of milk tea and continued packing her things. After she had finished packing, Cooper sent Florence to the door and there was a smile hanging on his charming face. He waved at her, “Florence, remember to work hard over there. I’m sure you’ll become a well-known designer. ”“You too. Work hard and strive for becoming a regular worker soon. ”Florence got into the car after she said goodbye to Cooper. Cooper stood rigidly at the door of the company watching the car drove away, and his body was as if it gradually drained of all energy. His beautiful eyes lost all of its sparks in an instant. The car stopped in front of the Hawkins Group. Florence got off the car and as soon as she raised her head, she could see the several-levels tall office building of the Hawkins Group. The office building was magnificent and luxurious, and it was the trademark building of City N. Furthermore, it was also the biggest financial market in the entire City N. She never would’ve thought that she would be qualified to work here. Florence was in a good mood as she walked into the company lobby with her resume. There were many people walking around in the company lobby. All of them wore a formal and professional office suit, which looked extremely neat. An usherette politely walked up to Florence and asked with a sweet voice, “Hello, Miss. Is there anything I can help you with?”“I’m here to report for work. ”“Let me take you to the human resource department. Please follow me. ”The usherette said politely. Florence nodded and was about to follow the usherette when Timothy came from the direction of the elevator. “No need to go to the human resource department. Ms. Fraser, the president is waiting for you in his office. Please come with me. ”The usherette’s pretty face was flashed in surprise as she inconceivably looked over at Florence. She seldom saw Timothy coming down personally to greet someone, not to mention that the president was still waiting for her in his office. Who exactly was she?Florence didn’t think much about it. She thanked the usherette politely and followed Timothy towards the elevator. She casually asked, “Timothy, how did you know that I’ve just arrived here?”“There’s a surveillance camera at the entrance of the company, and the president asked his secretary to take notice of your arrival. When he saw you arriving, he asked me to come down and pick you up. Timothy replied and deliberately mentioned that it was Ernest’s order to do so. Florence was stunned. She felt a little touched that Ernest’s arrangement was really thoughtful.