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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 447: He’s My Husband

After the breakfast, Florence and Ernest went downstairs and went to the urban area to go shopping. Stanford and Phoebe also came with them. Therefore, Florence’s wish to be with Ernest alone was ruined again. Ernest and Stanford followed behind Florence and Phoebe in a distance that was neither too far nor too close. They carried the things the two girls bought. As Ernest and Stanford were so handsome, they attracted many women’s attention and after a short while, many young women followed behind them. Florence was startled when she turned around. “Did they come in following us?” Many women swarmed into the jewelry store, which originally didn’t have too many guests in it, and made it tightly packed. And all of the women were staring at Ernst and Stanford eagerly. They expressed their admiration towards them without reserve. Florence felt uncomfortable when seeing that those women were fixing their eyes on Ernest as if they wanted to rip off his clothes with their gazes. Was it appropriate for them to covet his man so blatantly? “They’ve really gone too far!” Phoebe also felt unhappy and her face turned gloomy. “How could they look at Mr. Fraser like that? It looks like that they’re going to pounce onto him and kidnap him. ” Florence fully agreed to her words. It looked like that those women were not satisfied by simply appreciating the two handsome men aside and some of them even wanted to walk over. Maybe they would walk over to chat up them and snatch them away. Florence felt helpless, “But we can’t ask those women not to look at them. ” They couldn’t control their eyes and their legs. Phoebe stomped angrily, “How can we enjoy going shopping if they follow us like this?” The store was now packed with guests. Moreover, those women were all looking at them and coveting their man, which dampened their moods to select goods. Florence also lost the mood to go shopping. Furrowing her brows, she hesitated about whether they should go on or not. “That necklace looks good. It fits you. Do you like it?” Ernest, who was originally one-meter away from Florence, suddenly strode to Florence and stood by her side. He asked her in a gentle voice while pointing at a necklace in the cabinet in front of them. The necklace had a simple style, yet it looked elegant and noble. Florence was fascinated by it with a single glance at it. She looked towards Ernest with surprise. He had been following she and Phoebe together with her brother and remained silent like a background plate. He kept a distance with them and didn’t talk too much

“Honey, what’re you doing here? I found an amazing necklace. Didn’t you said that you will buy whatever I like for me. ” Phoebe’s voice was cuter and more coquettish than that woman

. Stanford froze and looked at Phoebe in astonishment. How did she address him just now?How could she address him casually like that? This woman was really…The woman who tried to chat up with Stanford just now changed her expression dramatically. She looked at Phoebe and Stanford in disbelief, her fingers trembling violently as if she had been stuck by lighting. “You… You’re a couple?”“Any problem?”Phoebe turned her head to take a glance at the woman and curled her red lips into a contemptuous smile while studying the woman from top to toe. “How dare you to covet my husband with such an appearance? Go home and look at your reflection in the mirror. Are you qualified to be his mate? Moreover, does it matter even if you’re a stunning beauty? My husband loves me so much and he only had me in his eyes and heart. All of you will not have the opportunity to hook up with my husband. ”She mentioned the word ‘husband’ again and again in a fluent and natural manner, as if she was really Stanford’s wife. Stanford had been completely stiffened. Phoebe was really shameless. She was a girl, wouldn’t she feel embarrassed when blurting out those sharp-toned words?The woman’s face alternated from pale and red. She was so angry that even her eyes were red. Originally it needed great courage for a girl to chat up with a man. But she was now so embarrassed and was even humiliated by his wife in the public. Crying, the woman turned around and ran away with her hands covering her face. Other women’s faces all turned hideous when they saw this. They all felt embarrassed. It turned out that one of the hunks that they followed had a girlfriend, and the other had a wide. They didn’t have any chance now. Therefore, those women left the store quickly in disappointment. The store became quiet again. After making sure that those women had left, Stanford immediately withdrew his arm from Phoebe’s arm, his expression extremely hideous. “Don’t do this again. ”Of course he knew that Phoebe did that to rescue him from the awkward situation. But her approached and the words she said annoyed Stanford. He hadn’t gotten married and hadn’t met the girl he liked. And the identities like ‘wife’ and ‘husband’ were sacred in his point of view.