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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 481: He’s Not Coming Back?

The more it was like this, the more Florence felt restless. At the back of her mind, she felt that the trip Clarence had made this time around was not so simple. It was highly probable, that he would replace Ernest to stay here. If that’s the case… Florence felt very anxious, so anxious that she almost couldn’t take it. With something bothering her, Florence had no appetite to eat. She ate something symbolically, then put down her chopsticks, and left. Seeing Florence’s absent-minded expression, Victoria furrowed her brows slightly, her expression slightly worried. She asked Stanford, “Stanny, what’s wrong with Flory?” Stanford shook his head, “I’m not too sure. ” He just felt that Florence was acting weirdly. Florence went back to her compound, without delay she headed straight to the small garden and walked to the corner. But so much time had passed, and Ernest had already left. The place was empty, and not a shadow could be seen. Florence felt extremely downcast. Where did he go? Could he be hiding in the room waiting for her? With this thought, Florence hurriedly ran to Ernest’s room, the door wasn’t locked, she entered with a push. The room was also empty, with no one in sight. Ernest wasn’t here. Florence felt more and more anxious, she then hurried to her room, but there was no one there either. She sat down on the sofa in dejection, she felt more and more depressed, without a doubt, Ernest was no longer in the compound. His status in the Fraser family was very sensitive, there was no way he would be loitering in the Fraser family. Perhaps, he was no longer in the Fraser family. Did he leave? Where did he leave for again? Even her phone had been passed to Clarence, Florence didn’t even know how to contact him. Florence’s heart was so depressed as if a huge rock was weighing on it, till she couldn’t even breathe smoothly. Her heart was so anxious as if she couldn’t even steady herself. She felt that the days where she and Ernest had stuck together would never come back. The future was so unclear. “Thud thud thud. ” Footsteps that were neither heavy nor light passed through from the compound. Florence subconsciously stood up and walked to the door, and saw Clarence and Phoebe walking towards her together

She felt more and more anxious and restless, if Clarence was here for a long time, this would mean he was replacing Ernest. There could only be one Clarence in the Fraser family. Then where would Ernest’s place be? Florence didn’t know what was Ernest’s plan, she only felt lost, flustered, and at a loss on what to do

. She mulled over it for a while, then opened her mouth and said in a low voice, “Do you know how to contact Ernest? I want to look for him. ”Clarence shook his head abruptly. “I don’t know, he usually contacts me. ”Florence, “…”She felt cold. Unsatisfied, she asked again, “What about your phone…”“It belongs to Ernest, all the messages are inside, including WeChat. ”Florence, “…”She felt like a frosted eggplant, she couldn’t feel any energy within her at all. Looks like Clarence was here to replace Ernest’s identity. As for anything else, he didn’t know much at all. Should she wait for Ernest to contact her?Florence suppressed her gloomy and upset emotions, and said, “If Ernest contacts you, inform me immediately. ”“Alright, but I have a condition. ”Florence frowned, “What condition?”Clarence pointed at the bed not far away, “I want to sleep on the bed tonight. ”He had no habit of sleeping on the sofa instead of the bed, if not he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. But looking at Florence’s guard over Ernest’s belongings, there was a high chance she wouldn’t allow him to sleep on the bed. Florence hesitated. She had never considered letting Clarence sleep on the bed because Ernest was a very fussy person. He was also a clean freak, not allowing other people to touch his things, especially since no one was allowed to sleep on his bed. Even though Ernest wasn’t around now, but she didn’t want his belongings to be touched by other people, Ernest would be uncomfortable with that. Florence hesitated, and asked, “Can you change to another condition, I can consider everything else. ”“Nope. ” Clarence’s attitude was firm. Florence was depressed, upset over why Clarence was so much trouble. After some internal conflict, she looked at the bed and made a very difficult decision. “I’ll change the bed sheet and the covers. ”Bed sheet and the covers were private belongings, if she changed them up, and let Clarence sleep on the bed, when Ernest came back it shouldn’t bother him too much right?