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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 101: Hickeys on Her Neck

She was simple and pure, and slowly penetrated into his heart like a pure spring in the mountain, healing all his pain. When he was by her side, he simply thought that it was just his good impression on Florence and he just liked her a little. When he learned that she was about to engage the other man, he thought that he would let go of his passion for her soon. Nevertheless, time was like a poison that could seep into his bone. It greatly fermented his feelings for her and he became more addicted to her. He had a slow response to feelings and only now did he know that he had had affection for Florence unknowingly and he would feel heartbroken without her by his side. However, since their departure in the company last time, she never contacted him again. Maybe he was simply a colleague in her eyes, or maybe as he was her fiancé, she wanted to avoid arousing suspicion, or maybe she never cared about him… He felt upset and suppressed the impulse to go to find her for several times. In the end, he decided to numb himself by alcohol. It was good to get himself drunk. “Heh heh. ” Cooper gulped down a mouthful of alcohol again and stumbled forward. The sorrowful aura exuded from his tall figure made people feel distressed. Looking at him, Evelyn clenched her fists jealously and wished so much that Florence would die immediately. If it was not because of Florence, Cooper would still love her. Luckily, she had secretly done something to Cooper’s phone and he could not receive Florence’s call. Cooper was an arrogant man and he would by no means take the initiative to call Florence. She just needed to wait for a period of time. When Cooper went abroad, there would be no connections between him and Florence in the future. Then she would be the only woman by his side in the future. … Ernest sent Florence back home. As it was late in the evening, after sending Florence to the door, Ernest simply watched her walking into the house. Florence entered the house and simply turned on a small wall lamp. After changing her shoes, she sneaked towards her bedroom, trying not to make any noise as possible so that she would not disturb her foster parents. However, out of her expectation, with a clicking sound, her foster father walked out of his bedroom right at the moment. Nicholas was a bit surprised when seeing Florence, “Didn’t you said that you have to go on a business trip and wouldn’t come back tonight?” When he was speaking, he shifted his gaze to Florence. When seeing the loose men’s jacket that she was wearing, a touch of complicated emotions flashed across his face. His tone instantly became serious, “Flory, this jacket… What’s going on?” He would not think too much if it was only about a men’s jacket. Nevertheless, he vaguely saw a hickey that was half-exposed on Florence’s neck. “It’s chilly on the way back and Mr. Hawkins gave it to me. ” When Florence was speaking, driven by guilty, she tightened the jacket as she wore nothing inside

Florence attracted some attention when she attended the fashion show as Anthony’s female companion. But they didn’t put too much attention on her. Anthony led Florence to the exhibition hall and comforted her in a low voice, “We have other activities tonight and you will win more attention

. ”“I believe in you guys. ”As a matter of face, Florence didn’t care too much about public attention, because she just wanted to win their recognition through her own capability and works. Nevertheless, she didn’t win the championship of the Ovi Fashion Design Contest and now she could only come back to the stage through publicity. Unlike Florence’s low profile, Isabel entered the exhibition hall followed by numerous people and she was quite eye-catching. Numerous media practitioners and fashion trendsetters surrounded her like they were greeting a princess. Surrounded by them, she walked into the hall. Usually, only super stars would have such kind of treatment. Isabel walked into the hall arm in arm with Grayson and smiled shyly. “Thank you everyone, I can’t make the achievements without my husband Grayson’s help. Every time when I was in trouble, he would comfort me and support me. Many of my designs were inspired by Grayson. ” Isabel gazed at Grayson affectionately. It looked like they were a loving couple. Grayson also gazed at her gently and affectionately, as if he pampered his wife so much. Anthony sneered scornfully, “She thinks that everyone in the circle would respect her and provide convenience to her after entering this class with Grayson’s help? Nice dream. But she will have many obstacles in the future because she offended someone that shouldn’t be trifled with. ”“Mr. Brooks, what do you mean?” Florence asked in confusion and shifted her gaze away from that bitch and that bastard. She detested Isabel to the extreme now. That woman was immoral and vicious. She forced her to give up Ovi Fashion Design Contest and then broke her words and sent the photos to the Hawkins family. If it was not because Georgia’s trust on Florence, she would have suffered a miserable consequence. Florence was just an ordinary citizen and could not afford to offend the Hawkins family. Anthony sneered, “Sit here and enjoy the show. She won’t be complacent for too long. ”“Okay. ” Florence nodded. If Anthony had planned to make thinks difficult for Isabel, she would be happy to see it.