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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 250: Hiding the Ticket

Florence answered, “I’m buying a dress. ” Reynold thought that it was just an ordinary dress, so he didn’t overthink it. With a smile, he said, “I happen to come shopping as well. May I shop with you together?” “You? You are a man. Won’t you feel bored when shopping with me?” “That only applies to an ordinary man. Please don’t forget -- I’m a fashion designer. ” When a fashion designer went shopping, it would become part of his work and study. Florence understood instantly. It turned out that Reynold appeared in this shopping mall because he wanted to see the current trend of the new fashion styles, didn’t he? Then he could shop with her together. Hence, Florence nodded in agreement. “Let’s go. ” She used to come out for a field trip and study with Reynold occasionally, so she didn’t feel any pressure when shopping with him together. However, when Reynold was walking by her side, he felt quite different. It was simply that he was accompanying Florence to shop, and they were like lovers. In the past, he only had sex with girls instead of accompanying them. If even he did it, he would have intentions and always made a perfunctory effort. It was the first time for him to accompany a woman to shop. He felt not bad when doing so. No wonder there were some men, each of whom could only love one woman all his life. They could love their wives so dearly that never spread any glances at other women. At this moment, Reynold also felt that he was going towards such a future. This change seemed to be quite wonderful for him. Florence had bought some lingerie, but still, she hadn’t found the evening dress yet. She kept searching in the shopping mall, browsing the high-end stores that were selling evening dresses one after another. Reynold was walking beside her leisurely. He asked casually, “Do you have any work plan tomorrow?” Florence shook her head. “Not really for the time being. ” She was going to the fashion show tomorrow, so she had postponed all her schedules. Reynold was delighted -- it was indeed a coincidence. By accident, he had known that Florence was longing to attend the fashion show in Riverside City. Hence, he paid attention to the show and bought one more ticket, particularly for Florence. He believed that she would be quite joyful when receiving the ticket. Immediately, Reynold pulled the ticket from his pocket and was about to hand it over to Florence. “This is the fashion show’s. ” Before he could finish his words, Florence turned around and walked to the clothing store next to them. The store was selling the evening dresses mainly. Watching her receding back, Reynold couldn’t finish his words. He was quite confused, wondering why Florence would like to buy an evening dress

This evening dress suits you very much. Would you like to try it on?”Reynold had been petrified while standing next to them. The shock in his heart had been accumulated to a disappointment

. He was speechless. Although Florence didn’t tell him, he almost could figure out where her ticket came from. Besides Reynold himself, the only person who could give her the ticket must be Ernest, the powerful man. Reynold tried hard to ask his friend for a favorite to buy a ticket for Florence just because he wanted to make her happy. However, before he could give it to her, Ernest acted faster. Such a good chance to please Florence had been won by Ernest -- at the thought of it, Reynold was so depressed that he wanted to kill that man. Listening to the saleslady’s introduction, Florence took a closer look at the evening dress she had picked. Although she chose it at random, it was indeed a nice one. She took several looks at the dress and then turned around to Reynold. “Mr. Myron, how do you like this dress. What’s wrong with you?”Seeing Reynold look so depressed, Florence was confused. Reynold came back to his senses, quickly withdrawing his hand that was holding the ticket and hiding it behind. He looked a bit uneasy, asking, “Nothing. What’s up? What did you say just now?”“I want to try this dress on. How do you like it?” Florence repeated her words patiently. Reynold put away his depression. Taking a look at the dress, he nodded. “Not bad. It fits you. ”Florence trusted Reynold’s taste, so immediately she said to the saleslady with a smile, “Miss, I want to try this one. ”“Sure, ma’am. Please follow me. ”The saleslady skillfully took the dress off the hanger and held it carefully. Then she led Florence to the fitting room. Watching Florence go farther, Reynold put the depression back on his handsome face. Looking at the ticket that was furrowed by his pinch, he almost vomited blood in depression. Shortly, Florence came out of the fitting room in the evening dress. It was a light-blue long gown, delicate, graceful, and low-key but gorgeous. It was quite beautiful and elegant, but it wouldn’t make the person wearing it overtake the beauties of other women. The evening dress was quite suitable for a lady to wear to attend the fashion show as a guest. Florence stood in front of the full-length mirror, looking at her reflection in satisfaction.