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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 253: His Defense

Florence turned around. Looking at the serious staff, she was in a dilemma. She did witness someone knock off the flower rack, but it wasn’t so appropriate for her to talk back at someone’s back. After a thought, Florence said with a polite smile, “I. ” She wanted to answer that she didn’t know. “It’s her!” Before she could finish her words, a harsh voice interrupted her. Florence looked over, only to find that it was that woman in the golden dress. When seeing her, the employee of the fashion show said with a polite smile, “Ms. White, are you sure about that? If so, I’m afraid we need to ask this lady to leave the fashion show. If not, you’ll have to leave here because of slandering her. Our fashion director is extremely serious about this fashion show. ” Upon hearing his words, Florence was amazed. She thought that the fashion director must be a Virgo so that she or he would require everything to be perfect and that nobody could mess up with her or his work. As a designer, Florence could fully understand. She looked up at the woman named Ms. White in the golden dress. She asked, “Ms. White, I hope you can think twice before answering him. After all, you need to be responsible. ” Ms. White looked at Florence, only to find that her eyes had the power to look through her as if Florence could see her true colors. She wondered if Florence had seen that it was herself who had done it. Feeling a sense of guilt, Ms. White still gritted her teeth and said, “Yes, I’ve seen you. Otherwise, do you think I, the daughter of the chairman of the White Group, would slander someone unknown in an ordinary dress?” Florence had never expected that there would be such a shameless person in this world. Also, she understood that this Ms. White was trying to suppress her by using her background. She became a little scared. If the staff believed Ms. White’s words and sent her away, it would be a stain in her life. In that case, it would be quite difficult for her to attend any fashion-relevant occasion. At the thought of it, Florence wanted to defend herself. Ms. White, however, immediately added, “Hurry up and kick her out. I wonder how such a woman could enter here. ” The staff had dealt with a lot of incidents, so it wouldn’t be difficult for him to deal with this one. He said, “There are pinhole cameras installed in every corner of this hall. We’ll see whom to blame after going to the surveillance room. ” Ms. White’s expression changed. She had forgotten that there was a surveillance system in the hall. She wondered what she should do. Florence breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the staff only took the side of justice. However, right then, they heard a serious voice. “The fashion show hasn’t started yet. What has happened here?” The voice was powerful with a strong temperament. Florence looked over, only to find a woman in a fashionable suit. She looked like a powerful businesswoman -- she had curly hair with big waves

” Still, she wasn’t friendly to Florence. She turned around and left. Florence knew that her impression must become quite back in Tina’s mind

. She felt a bit migraine. However, it was already the best result for her to continue staying here. She looked over at Ernest gratefully. “Thank you. ”Ernest nodded at her slightly. Then his tender eyes became sharp and he looked over at Ms. White. “I’ll give you one minute to apologize to her. ”His tone was cold and strict with an order that Ms. White couldn’t resist. Ms. White trembled in fear. She knew that it would be inappropriate if she continued making the farce. Moreover, it was Mr. Hawkins who asked her to do so. How could she have the guts to continue provoking Florence?She walked to Florence, lowered her head, and apologize, “I’m sorry, Ms. Fraser. I’ve misunderstood you just now. ”After that, she bowed at Florence and trotted away. Florence was a bit speechless, wondering why this woman had pretended to be so aggrieved. It seemed that Florence was forcing her to use her identity. She should tell the truth and be more sincere, shouldn’t she?Then Florence decided to let go of her. It was impossible to make such an immoral person admit her own mistake in public. Quickly she put away her thoughts, walked to Ernest, and whispered, “I’m alright. Let’s go to another place. ”There were way too many onlookers around them. Ernest knew what she meant, so he took her to the audience seats. Florence had thought that he would ask her some questions about the incident, but he kept silent. She couldn’t help but get curious. “Do you trust me that much?”Ernest shot a glance at him. His good-looking lips parted. He said firmly, “I know everything about you up and down and inside out. Of course, I trust you. ”His voice was quite low, sounding a bit ambiguous. Subconsciously, Florence understood his words “up and down and inside out” in another way. She couldn’t help blushing. Then she distanced herself from him, walking in front. Looking at her shy face, Ernest curled his lips into a smile secretly. He reached out and pulled her wrist. Florence’s body was tightened when she felt his palm. Then she was about to struggle fiercely. However, Ernest said, “Our seats are here. Why are you heading the other way?”Florence became more embarrassed. She wondered why she was always like a stupid woman when being with him. She was always smart, wasn’t she?