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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 243: His Irascible Temper

Reynold smiled complacently, explained to Florence, full of patience. Ernest looked quite annoyed. Moving his gaze from the book, he stared gloomily at Florence and Reynold, who were so close to each other. A fury was surging in his chest. How he wished that he could kick Reynold to the Pacific. Ernest was born rich, noble, and powerful. He never controlled his temper. If he disliked anyone, he would do something to that person. Such a person like Reynold would have died countless times. However, at this moment, Ernest had to suppress the fury in his chest, enduring Reynold’s provocation. He was doing it all for Florence. Ernest inhaled deeply. Pressing his lips, he pushed his book in front of Florence. He said with a proper volume but in an extremely overbearing tone, “Florence, please explain it to me. ” Reynold instantly stopped his explanation, gaping at Ernest as if he had seen a ghost. He wondered if he had misheard. Mr. Hawkins, who was always superior and all-around, took a book to Florence and wanted her to teach him something. Reynold wondered if it should be Florence who asked Ernest to teach her something. Florence had been used to it. She hesitated a bit and asked, “Could you please wait until I’ve learned it from Mr. Myron?” Ernest was way too impolite to chime in, and also he had interrupted them. He was never been so uneducated before. Ernest, however, had become more domineering. He said in a tone that didn’t allow her to refuse, “No, I can’t. ” Florence was speechless. He was asking her for help, wasn’t he? However, Florence was used to being a coward when facing Ernest. She had only turned back to look over in the direction where Ernest was and read through the line that he was pointing at. Coincidentally, it was exactly the content that Reynold had just explained to her. After reading the line, she had fully understood the point without continuing to listen to Reynold. Reynold was sitting there in depression. Looking at Ernest’s serious face when he was listening to Florence, Reynold felt that he wanted to curse so much. He could see it clearly -- although Ernest seemed to listen to her quite seriously, almost all his concentration was on Florence. It was not learning but hitting on a girl. Ernest was the CEO of Hawkins Group, wasn’t he? He pretended to be so modest just for hitting on a girl. Didn’t he have any shame? Unfortunately, Florence didn’t know it. Reynold wanted to remind her so much -- Ernest was just hitting on her by pretending. After Florence explained to Ernest, she also fully understood the point

Let’s go to dinner. ” Florence took a reluctant glance at the books, but she still decided to leave a bookmark on the page that she had stopped. Then she stood up

. Reynold reached out and put his book with hers. “I’ll put them back to the bookshelf. You can wait for me outside. ” As he spoke, he stood up and put the books back on the bookshelf quickly. Florence was standing there, subconsciously taking a look at Ernest. He was still reading his book. His handsome and attractive face was expressionless as if he didn’t care if she was leaving. She guessed that she didn't have to inform him then. After a hesitation, Florence decided not to talk too much with him based on their embarrassing relationship. Therefore, she pressed her lips and walked out of the mini-library tiptoed. When she turned around, Ernest’s fingers that were grabbing the book page were tightened instantly, creasing the paper. Annoyance flashed through his twinkling eyes. This woman was going for dinner with Reynold together. She didn’t only invite him but also left without saying bye to him. Did she think that he was just kind of furnishing here?He became so furious that there was an impulse in his chest that was fiercely yelling, making him want to pull Florence back and give her a good lesson. However. Ernest loosened his knuckled fingers on the page and turned another page. He looked as if he was totally immersed in the book and didn’t care anything happened. When Florence reached the door, she couldn’t help but turn around to check on Ernest, only to find that he was still reading calmly. She felt fluctuated and didn’t know what kind of feeling she had now. Fortunately, she felt less nervous and less impulsive to escape in his presence. After all, he didn’t follow her this time. “Done. Let’s go. ”Reynold put back the books and strode to her quickly. Florence immediately withdrew her gaze. Pressing her lips into a smile, she said, “Sure. Let’s go. ”In recent few days, Reynold and she came to and leave the office together, and it had already been their habits to eat together. Florence didn’t sense anything wrong. When Reynold and she walked far, the man, who was reading without caring about anything, smashed the book in his hands onto the desk. The strength was so powerful that he seemed to want to break the desk. He stood upright, emanating a heavy fury.