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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 114: His Kiss

Her heart was pounding uncontrollably and her face was so flushed that it felt like someone could fry an egg on it. Her eyes were directed elsewhere as she pulled down his pants. His long and pale legs were dancing around in the corner of her field of vision. This was really expletive stuff. Florence felt like she couldn’t hold stand this anymore. She wouldn’t have much courage to continue doing this. She pulled Ernest’s arm and led him to the bathtub with a blushed face. She said awkwardly, “You’re ready now, sit down here. ” Ernest didn’t provide a response as he stepped out and settled himself elegantly in the bathtub. Clean water immediately enveloped him, and his naked body was vague under the disguise of the water. It added to his seductive attractiveness. Florence almost had a nosebleed while looking at such a sight. If it were not because of Ernest’s drunken state tonight, she would even suspect that he was doing this purposely to seduce her. The water was warm and soothing. After immersing himself in it, Ernest shut his eyes in a trance. Florence gaped at him sitting obediently in the bathtub and suddenly felt a flare of anger. Was she really going to wash him now? It would be best to give up on that idea. Since he was already immersed in water, it would be fine if he was just bathing in it for a while. “I have forgotten to fetch your pyjamas. Stay in the water first, you can come out after ten minutes. ” Florence hurriedly reminded before darting out of the bathroom. The moment she left, Ernest opened his initially shut eyes. He stared in her direction, and unlike his previous drunken state, there was a kind of clarity in his eyes. After a while, his gaze swept over pyjamas not far away, and he shifted his gaze towards himself, with how he was bathing in warm water in his underpants. He suddenly felt a wave of helplessness. This woman was taking advantage of the fact that he was drunk to fool him. With a loud splash, he got up from the bathtub. After Florence had left the bathroom, she didn’t waste even a second as she rushed downstairs and contacted Phoebe to pick her up. When she was about to get out of this villa, she wasn’t able to unlock the main door no matter how many times she tried. She was making this loud clanking sound but the door wouldn’t budge. The outcome was the same even if she tried to use her fingerprints. Was this door spoilt or what? Florence fumbled with it for a while but it was still the same result. She turned around in the direction of Ernest’s bathroom and thought that if this continued, he was going to come out and he wouldn’t let her go just like this. That would spell her doom. Therefore, Florence made her way to the backyard

He stared at her with eyes lit on fire, and his voice was so hoarse as if he was trying to convey something to her, “Don’t leave me tonight, alright?” With a loud bang sounding off in her mind, Florence felt her whole body getting heated. As she came back to her senses, she hurriedly pushed him away nervously, “M…My friend is almost here to get me. ” “You can tell her not to come anymore

. ”Ernest replied with confidence, and he inched closer towards Florence. Under the night sky, the man’s features were even more pronounced, and it seemed that his face was shrouded in a mysterious veil, which accentuated his handsomeness. She was completely intoxicated by him. Florence didn’t dare to meet his eyes as she quickly shoved the ring into his palms. “I…I picked this up from the ground just now. I’m here to return it to you. Cough, I need to go now. ”Before she could make a move, her wrist was grabbed by Ernest. Ernest stood in front of her and stared into her eyes. His gaze was extremely deep and dark. He pulled her hand with conviction, and he solemnly and slowly wore the ring into her ring finger. The red coloured diamond ring was so pretty and it looked like it was crafted for Florence alone. The ring was shining on her finger. Florence felt her heart getting attacked by something. She was at a loss for words, “Mr. Hawkins, you…”“This belongs to you. ”Ernest said this with certainty, and his hoarse voice sounded extremely sexy. He held her hand and added solemnly, “You can’t remove it or return it to me. ”Florence’s hand which was about to remove the ring stopped in its tracks. “I don’t think this is fitting for me, I…” She didn’t agree to marry him after all. Ernest tightened his grip on her hand, “You friend is here. Are you going? If you’re not, you can sleep with me. ”Florence felt herself blush. This man was really unreserved now. “I’m going now. ”She didn’t dare to say anything more as she rushed towards the gate. It was weird that the gate was about to give way easily now. She had a hard time trying to get it open. Florence gaped at the lock in confusion. Ernest followed her from behind slowly, and as he watched her doubtful face, he secretly kept a tiny remote control into his pocket. Every facility in this villa could actually be controlled remotely.