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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 170: His Promise

Gemma was insanely captivating, plus she also had an aura of natural elegance and nobleness, hence when she had started to weep like this, her sorrowful look could move people’s hearts and rouse their sympathy for her. However, all kinds of suspicions and doubts had already piled up in Florence’s heart, so she would not easily trust her words and actions anymore. Although she was still in the dark about the truth of the relationship between Gemma and Ernest, she had a feeling that it was not as what Gemma had depicted. Even if Gemma and Ernest were indeed lovers, she was certain that they were not a loving pair of couple. “You have said it yourself as well that the love between two persons is selfish, Ms. Marlon. How many women could actually resist Ernest’s charm and not fall for him when he is such an attractive and outstanding man? You may well ask. I’m just an ordinary person, so it’s normal that I will fall for him as well. If I were to marry him, I would be like all the other women too as I would not allow you to hang around him anymore. Therefore, you should try to talk him into breaking off the engagement with me before it’s too late. ” “But…” Gemma knitted her brows deeply as her heart was overwhelmed by mixed emotions. It was not her place to ask Ernest to break off his engagement with Florence as she had no right to do that. Florence raised her eyebrows and stared at Gemma as she added, “Don’t tell me that you couldn’t talk him out of marrying me as well, Ms. Marlon?” “Surely I can!” Gemma retorted without any hesitation with a resolute look on her face. She had already sensed that Florence was starting to doubt her words, hence if she were to give the game away now, Florence would definitely catch on and corroborate her suspicions. She had to continue her play-acting no matter what for now. “The Hawkins family is City N’s utmost wealthy and powerful clan, so Ernest’s wedding is naturally a great deal to them. If you were to break off your engagement with him suddenly, it would cause a rippling effect on his family, so you have to give him more time to handle this complex issue. Furthermore, Ernest has always been stubborn, so it would also require a few rounds of persuasion for him to call off the wedding even if it’s coming from me. ” “Alright then, sorry to have to trouble you, and I hope to hear the good news soon. ” Florence smiled politely and broke off her hand from Gemma’s grip, and she proceeded to walk over to the bar counter to pour some fruit juice into a glass. She handed it over to Gemma in the next moment, “Do you want some?” “No thanks. Have a good rest then, I’ll take my leave now

Why did Ernest force a kiss on her all of a sudden? She instinctively struggled to push him away, but her shoulders were instantly grabbed by him as he pulled her into his embrace again. His kiss had even deepened as his tongue forcefully broke into her mouth and swept past everything violently, and his domineering manner was as if he was declaring that this was his territory, Florence was almost out of breath from his overwhelming kiss, and her mind had gone blank while her body had become limp as a result. She could not control her body’s reaction towards his arousing kiss as she slumped into his arms like a pool of mud

. After what felt like an eternity, Ernest reluctantly tore himself apart from her and finally let her go after sucking all the energy out from her with his passionate kiss. He held her limp body in his arms while giving her his promise in a husky and compelling tone, “I will marry you. ” Nobody could stop them from getting married, and not even Florence herself could refuse him. His solemn vows were like a hard hammer that had struck her heart repeatedly with his every single word. Charlotte had finally gotten the chance to spend some alone time with Ernest in his study by bringing him his coffee and desserts as Florence needed to rest due to her injuries. However, he did not even glance at her, and he had prohibited her to stay any longer in his study every time she was in there, so she still had not make any progress with him despite the excellent opportunity that was handed to her. She was worried that she would fail to seduce and hook up with him till the day of his wedding with Florence if this had continued further. Charlotte had decided that it could not go on like this anymore as anxiousness was eating away at her, hence she decidedly made up her mind after some thoughtful consideration. She deliberately went into Florence’s room when Ernest was not around to chat with her, and after some chitter-chatter, she finally mentioned, “Could you lend me your blue lace dress, Florence? My friend has suddenly invited me to a gathering tonight, but I have just washed all of my clothes, so I don’t have any extra clothes to wear out later. ”Florence had bought that dress with her own money, and it was regarded by her to be a better one among the rest as it was presentable yet unobtrusive. She had always liked to wear that dress, and it would be apt for Charlotte to be dressed in it for her gathering too. She agreed to Charlotte’s request with a nod and said, “I’ve hanged it in the dressing room, so just get it by yourself. ”“Alright. ”Charlotte walked right into the dressing room after getting her permission, and she was immediately dumbstruck by the furnishing when she had entered the room. She thought that Florence was only wearing her usual clothes that she had brought from home like her as she was just staying at Ernest’s place temporarily, and there would be at most two extra sets of clothes that Ernest had gifted to her. However, she could perceive that half of the clothes in this outrageously massive dressing room was actually women’s clothing, and they had all belonged to Florence!There were even numerous branded bags, shoes and sunglasses…It could be said this dressing room had housed everything that a woman could possibly wish for, and they were even of top-quality and tailor-made for Florence. Florence was not just staying here temporarily as all these had indicated that she was the lady of the house!Charlotte was green with envy upon taking in the sight of all the luxurious clothing, and she secretly vowed to herself that all these would soon belong to her. She looked around the dressing room for the blue dress and brought it out after she had found it. Florence was on her phone as she was still recuperating from her injuries, but she had never figured what would happen next after she had loaned her dress to Charlotte.