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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 147: Hokey

Cooper had a strong sense of crisis after watching what had happened on Florence’s press conference and learning the wide-spreading news about Florence and Ernest’s romantic affairs, their date and engagement. It was just a fake engagement, but now it was known by everyone and they were even making preparations for their wedding. Could it be that Ernest and Florence would have a fake marriage? Cooper couldn’t accept it even if he knew that it was fake. Therefore, he could not be patient any longer. He found out Ernest’s domicile and came to visit Florence in person. “It may be inconvenient for my sister to come to see you now. How about this? Let me bring you over and I will ask my sister to go out. ” Charlotte said politely with a smile and pretended like she was in a dilemma. Cooper felt more upset when seeing her reaction. It was inconvenient for Florence to meet him because she was worried that Ernest would misunderstand their relationship. He couldn’t figure out the relationship between Florence and Ernest and he didn’t know whether Florence was happy when living together with Ernest. Charlotte took Cooper to the villa and asked him to wait outside. She then walked into the villa. When she entered the villa, she happed to see Florence who was about to go upstairs with a cup of coffee at hand. “Sister, what are you doing?” Florence stooped and replied, “Send a cup of coffee to Ernest. ” Florence complained inwardly that she had become more proficient in serving people. If it went on like this, she would be accustomed to it. Alas. Charlotte walked towards Florence, “But someone is for you outside. It seems that he has something important. ” Florence was confused, “Who’s that?” Few people knew where she was living recently? Who would come to find her? “Cooper. We met him in the mall last time. ” “Cooper? Why don’t you ask him to come in? Don’t let him wait outside. ” A touch of scheming flashed across Charlotte’s eyes as she deliberately stole a glance at the study. “I’m afraid that Ernest would not like it. ” It was hard to get along with Ernest and few people can approach him. Cooper was not his acquaintance, so if he entered Ernest’s villa casually, it might anger him. Florence pondered and then nodded her head, “Then I’ll go out to find him. ” When speaking, she walked towards upstairs with the coffee. Charlotte hurriedly stopped her, “Sister, just go find him. I will send the coffee to Ernest. ” Florence hesitated for a while

She will come back soon. ” When she was speaking, she handed the coffee to Ernest, “Ernest, drink the coffee first. You don’t need to worry about her, sincerely

. ”The more she said these, the guiltier she appeared. Ernest was a person who had never showed tolerance to bad things. He then strode towards the windows and stood at a place where he could saw the scene outside the villa thoroughly. He saw Florence and Cooper who was standing opposite her under the peach tree in the front courtyard. His handsome face darkened. It turned out that her emergency was to meet Cooper?It didn’t matter if they were simply having a meeting, but how dare Cooper paw her?Ernest’s expressions turned cold as if they were covered by a layer of ice. He turned around and walked downstairs. Charlotte glanced at the two people from the window, a malicious smile appearing on her face. Florence, Ernest had witnessed it all, what would you do now?In the front courtyard of the villa…When Florence walked out of the villa, she saw Cooper who was standing under the peach tree. He looked exceptionally handsome under the dark shadow. Behind him were the green peach tree leaves which looked cool and comfortable. Florence walked towards him, “Cooper, what’s the matter? You don’t you call me in advance?”Cooper took a glance at Florence and was a bit absent-minded. The past two days was a trying time for him as he was affected by the rumors. When he saw Florence again, he felt like several centuries had passed. He once thought that he was going to loss Florence during this period of time. He even lose the right to pursuit her. Cooper was so excited that he wanted to pull Florence into his embrace and tell her about his inner thought. But in the end, he simply uttered several words in a low voice, “Flory, how are you doing?”There was obvious concern in his eyes. Florence was a bit stunned and recalled the news that was widely spread during these two days. Since Cooper knew about her actual relationship with Ernest, he must have been worrying about her. Florence shook her head with a smile, “Don’t worry. I’m doing quite well. ”Cooper still knitted his brows. After hesitating for a while, he asked in a low voice, “Will you cancel the engagement with Ernest. ”“Of course. ”“But now everyone has learned about your relationship with Ernest and I heard that the Hawkins family is making preparations for your wedding. If things keep progressing like this, I’m afraid that if you cancel the marriage at that time, it will have huge negative impact on you and Ernest. Do you have any solutions?”