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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 622: How Arrogant

How arrogant! The elder was furious but also panicked and nervous with a pale face. The meeting had decided to have Benjamin as the heir, but a lot happened unexpectedly since Ernst had been back. What’s worse, Benjamin was now in danger, so if he could be the heir was in question. Considering Benjamin’s current status, if Stanford really killed him, the Turner family would condemn him but wouldn’t take revenge on him. After all, the Fraser family was too important to the Turner family, so the latter would turn a blind eye rather than blaming Stanford directly. But then Benjamin would die in vain. And Ernest would win it all and be the only heir left as he wished. They had offended and ostracized Ernest this way. If he finally took the power, how could he let them live? The elder thought quickly and made a decision determinedly. He waved his hand and uttered in a hurry, “Mr. Fraser, please don’t! Let’s have a good talk. If … Benjamin did anything wrong, we would never cover him up. ” Under such circumstances, the first thing was to save Benjamin. “Yes, Mr. Fraser, please don’t be impulsive. ” “Let’s talk about this. Please put down the knife first. ” The other elders joined in the persuasion with more friendly attitude. In fact, Stanford didn’t mean to take Benjamin’s life from the beginning, so he withdrew the knife casually without any hesitation. But he still held the knife in his hand with the edge downward, blood dripping from the edge drop by drop. The blood gleamed in the light. Seeing what he did, the Turner family members breathed a sigh of relief but still remained alert. Benjamin’s life was at the mercy of Stanford. Stanford looked at the group in front of him with coldness and hostility in his eyes. He sneered, “Well, so what’s your explanation?” He kept pressing them. The elder with silver hair was just relieved, but he was frightened again. He gave a deep frown and looked at Benjamin with mixed feelings

” Florence’s brows drew together in a deep frown. There was nothing evidence left about the kidnapping, and even the wedding site was wiped out in the explosion. Benjamin must know it so he insisted on asking for evidence

. But they had no evidence. Did it mean that Benjamin was going to get away with punishment after doing all those brutal things?Florence was regretting and outraged. “Humph, what I Stanford Fraser said is the evidence!”Stanford yelled in a cold and arrogant tone, glancing at the group as a king. His sharp words were pressing, “We the Fraser family has decided to deal with Benjamin Turner, and we come here to announce it not giving you the choice to say no. ”Arrogant. Brazen. He was at the Turner family’s place, but behaved insolently like a bully. The people from the Turner family all changed color as if they swallowed flies. Even Theodore’s brows were drawn together slightly. Stanford gave a cold smile as he moved his long legs towards Theodore step by step. He stopped five steps away from Theodore. He said arrogantly, “Today, I Stanford Fraser on behalf of the Fraser family tell you what we want. Benjamin Turner dared enough to kidnap Florence and made her life in danger. The Fraser family absolutely will take revenge. If the Turner family insisted on covering him up, all co-operation between the Fraser family and the Turner family will be cancelled. And from then on, we are sworn enemies!”All the people from the Turner family changed color dramatically. His words were so hard that even Theodore darkened his face. Stanford’s eyes swept around the group as he continued, “This time, it was Ernest who saved Florence, so we owe him. From now on, the Fraser family will support and help Ernest with no efforts spared. I don’t care whom do you choose to be the Turner family’s heir, but I won’t allow you to harm Ernest or make him disabled. Even if the cost is to attack the Turner family to take him back. ”His words were like a bomb exploding in a lake with thunderous splashes. The Turner family members were all frightened and appalled.