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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 612: How Could Ernest Be That Generous?

Phoebe didn’t think that it was up to her if she could stay or not. Stanford didn’t like her or want her to stay. She couldn’t stay here cheekily. However, she truly worried about Clarence’s safety. Phoebe had a complicated feeling. She felt so uneasy that she didn’t know what to do. After hesitating for a long while, she whispered, “Mr. Fraser, may I. please wait for Clarence’s news here? As soon as Clarence is safe, I can leave right away. ” Seeing how careful Phoebe looked, Stanford frowned deeply. He didn’t think of kicking her out. Besides, he didn’t mind it at all. She could stay as long as she wanted. Probably, she could stay much longer this time. As soon as this idea came up to his mind, Stanford was confused for a moment. Except that he had wished Florence to stay here forever, he had never thought of keeping someone else here forever before. However, he had the thought for Phoebe. He wondered why. Even if she stayed, all good things would come to an end. She would leave eventually. As soon as he thought that she would leave, he felt quite upset and depressed. He was confused. With a complicated feeling, Stanford looked at Phoebe’s twinkling eyes and nodded in agreement. “You don’t need to ask me about such a kind of matter in the future. You are Flory’s friend. As long as she agrees, it’ll be fine. ” He knew that Florence definitely wanted to keep Phoebe stay anyway. Looking at Stanford’s darkened face, Phoebe choked up, feeling more upset. She guessed that what he meant was that he didn’t want her to stay, but for Florence’s sake, he couldn’t drive her away directly. Hence, he gave Florence the right to make the decision. Certainly, Florence had agreed. However, Phoebe couldn’t be so shameless to stay there for a long time. Phoebe felt quite sad. Gritting her teeth, she suppressed the impulse to escape from here immediately. She didn’t want to show up in front of Stanford to annoy him. However, since it had come so far, she wouldn’t feel easy if she left. She still wanted to know where Clarence was and if he was safe and sound. Inwardly, she reminded herself that she would leave as soon as she could confirm Clarence was safe. It would be pretty soon and she wouldn’t stay here long. Florence looked at Phoebe’s disappointed look and could tell that she was quite down. Florence was confused

With a darkened face, Stanford was wondering how he should start. Right then, Ernest stood up from the sofa. He elegantly walked to Stanford and said calmly, “Mr

. Fraser, please leave them to chat with each other. I’ll walk you out. ” His voice was gentle, but his tone was irresistible. Stanford’s brows twitched a bit, and he was a bit unhappy. However, when seeing Florence and Phoebe standing hand in hand, he couldn’t utter any word. Since Phoebe came back this time, she looked quite bothered. Stanford couldn’t do anything about it. As her bestie, Florence might comfort her. It wasn’t a bad thing for them to stay alone. After thinking for a while and weighing the pros and cons, Stanford nodded decisively. Then he said to Florence, “Flory, if you need anything, just call me. I’ll be always there. ”As he spoke, he glanced at Phoebe deeply. With Florence’s hand in her hand, Phoebe was standing upright and staring at Florence. She didn’t look at others at all. She behaved very well and didn’t look at Stanford. Seeing that, Stanford felt bothered for some reason. He couldn’t help but recall that not long ago, Phoebe’s gaze was glued on him all day long. She always glinted at him as if her eyes were full of flames. Thinking of that, he felt she was so adorable. However, now. Since there was a difference compared to his memory, Stanford was depressed. He felt as if his heart was pressed by a heavy stone. Ernest looked at Stanford meaningfully, a touch of sharp light flashing through his eyes. He whispered to remind Stanford, “Let’s go. ”It was a reminder as well as an urge. Stanford stiffed. He even wanted to refuse as he didn’t want to leave so soon. However, he didn’t have any reason to stay, and Ernest urged him to leave. For some reason, Stanford felt a bit annoyed. With a darkened face, he strode out. Ernest was walking slowly. Soon, he was left far behind. After they walked out of the villa gate, Stanford wanted to leave directly. Right then, he heard Ernest’s voice from his back. He said, “Mr. Fraser, I have something to tell you. ”