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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 707 How Dare He to Propose to Florence in front of Ernest

"It's fine we maintain the intimacy as we do now. Look, many people admire you. You'll be the happiest woman in the country," Hector said in a faint voice. Instead of letting go of her, he reached out and held Florence's small hand. It was etiquette to take his arm, but everyone would misunderstand their relationship if he took her hand! The whole hall was excited! Both the women and men were all chattering in shock, looking at Duke Hector's girlfriend in a frenzy. She looked strange, but she was beautiful. She had an outstanding temperament and was worthy of their Duke Hector. It seemed that the royal family would soon have another happy event. With her hand being held, Florence shuddered uncomfortably. She was about to shake it away when she was keenly aware of a sharp and dangerous look. Instinctively, she looked up and caught Ernest's eye from a distance. She froze all over. Ernest's face was dark and scary, and he was covered with an overwhelming aura. Florence swallowed and her heart flustered. She wanted to explain that things were not like what he saw. But before she wanted to make any move, the lights got dim, leaving the dance floor bright. Leisurely and romantic music sounded in the hall. Hector smiled, "This dance suits us, Flory. " With that, he didn't give Florence the chance to refuse and directly pulled Florence into the dance floor. Florence couldn't struggle and was taken to the dance floor. "Let go of me. I won't dance," said Florence. "So many people are looking at us. Be good and cooperate with me. " Hector took Florence in his arms and moved his steps. Florence did not move, but he almost held her up and forced her to walk. Florence was almost driven crazy. She could feel that, not far away in the darkness, a dangerous sight was focusing on her. Would Ernest believe her if she said she was forced to do? Florence wanted to cry and wanted to kill herself. She regretted why she had to wait for others by the door and met the brainless Duke Hector

She clenched teeth and summoned up her courage to explain, but before she said something, the brainless Duke Hector spoke first, "Are you Florence's brother? Shall I call you brother from now on? Nice to meet you, brother. " He didn't change his dancing rhythm as he said and smiled at Ernest. Florence was startled and she wanted to stuff Hector's mouth with her smelly socks

. Florence looked at Ernest with horror and sure enough, he looked even gloomier. His blue veins bulged on the forehead. He tried his best to calm himself down before he would kill Hector. His eyes were fierce as he said, "Who are you?"Hector was surprised by Ernest's attitude. Normally, others would pay respect to him as he was Duke Hector. And with such a friendly greeting, Ernest should respond with a friendly smile. However, since the man was Florence's brother and he was going to marry Florence, he could endure the man's rudeness. Hector smiled, "Brother, I am Hector. I came here with great sincerity to get your consent to my marriage to Florence, though we had an awkward meeting. "With that, Ernest danced the wrong step. Samantha was stepped on and frowned in pain. "You're hurting me, Ernest. "She thought Ernest would stop. But Ernest seemed not to hear her, and continued to dance. His eyes were always cold as he stared at Hector and Florence. He was so angry and the words seemed to squeeze out of his throat. "Agree your marriage?"His sharp sight fell straight down on Florence. Florence was so distraught that she was afraid Ernest misunderstood her. She quickly explained, "That's not the case. Listen to me. ""Brother, Flory and I fell in love at first sight. We have decided to get married. I just want you to say yes, and I'll take Florence home tonight. "Florence was speechless. No one would think he was dumb if he didn't speak. And she didn't like him at all! She hated him so much