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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 165: How Eloquent!

What a public display of affection! They all stared at Ernest indignantly and thought that since Ernest was in a relationship with Florence, he had been gone further and further with even caring about the feelings of his single friends. Charlotte went bananas when seeing this. It was a rare chance for her to emphasize her presence here as Ernest’s friends were here and Florence was absent. But she hadn’t expected that she was given no change. She was unwilling to accept this. Charlotte tried hard to suppress the enviousness and indignation in her heart and then sat down beside Ernest and looked at them with a smile, “Ernest, can you introduce them to me? It’s my first time to see them. ” Ernest pressed his lips together. He didn’t reply and ignored Charlotte. Harold twitched his mouth. Ernest only treated Florence differently, and he remained aloof and indifferent towards others. Harold, who had always been tender towards women, said with a smile, “Beauty, come here, let me introduce them to you. My name is Harold Hammer. This is Anthony Brooks and he’s Stephen Thomas. ” Anthony and Stephen all gave Charlotte a polite smile as a way of greeting her. Charlotte felt like she had been valued and her mood was enhanced. She gazed at Anthony excitedly, “Are you Anthony Brooks, the young master of the Brooks family and the vice president of the Hawkins Group?” Anthony nodded, “Yeah. ” “Nice to meet you!” Charlotte stood up in excitement. The Hawkins Group was the largest corporation in City N. Its president, Ernest, was an outstanding businessman. And Anthony, the vice president of the Hawkins Group, was also a famous and successful businessman. Moreover, he was the young master of a noble family and his social status was so high. Charlotte felt very delighted to have the opportunity to get to know him. There was no change in Anthony’s expressions. He still smiled politely and shook hands with Charlotte. But he didn’t have any other physical contact with her any longer. Charlotte sat down again, but she still stared at Anthony with eagerness and tried to start a conversation with various topics. There were many women who adored Anthony but Harold felt a bit unhappy when seeing the scene. He introduced Anthony and Stephen to Charlotte, but she only greeted Anthony and totally ignored Stephen and showed no respect to him. This kind of woman… was really impolite. Harold studied Charlotte from top to toe and gradually developed a bad impression of her

She knew deep down that taking care of Florence was an excuse for her to continue to stay in the villa. During the past two days, when Ernest had to deal with the business, he would asked her to take care of Florence. And the current situation was no exception

. Charlotte looked towards Ernest with grievance, hoping to get his admission. However, the noble Ernest even didn’t cast a glance at her. Charlotte felt depressed and aggrieved again. But when meeting Gemma’s imposing gaze in the air gain, Charlotte knew clearly that she would not have a chance this time. She gritted her teeth and stood on her feet unwillingly. “Enjoy the afternoon tea. Feel free to call me if needed. ” Charlotte said to them with a graceful smile on her face as if she was the hostess of the house. Gemma felt uncomfortable and knitted her brows, “No need. You’re not a maid and we can’t keep bothering you. ”Although it sounded like she was flattering Charlotte, she was actually belittling her. What she meant was that Charlotte was belittling herself and was only qualified to be a maid in this villa. Charlotte’s expressions turned gloomy. She was not a match for Gemma in any aspect. She gritted her teeth aggrievedly and then turned around and left. Harold raised his brow, “Gemma, I haven’t seen you dissing others for a long time. You’re more eloquent now. There were many women around Ernest in the past. Ernest discouraged them with his aloofness and indifference; while most of the time, it was Gemma who dissed them in various means and forced them to leave Ernest. It was safe to say that Gemma was protecting Ernest from being pestered by those women. A trace of light flashed across Gemma’s eyes. It brought back the past memories and Gemma felt missing the old days. Although Ernest was cold to her in the past, she was the only woman by his side. Outsiders all thought that she was Ernest’s girlfriend. Undoubtedly, she was a happy woman at that time. However, she was not satisfied and wanted more back then and couldn’t help confessing her feelings to Ernest