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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 264: How Embarrassed!

“I was still dizzy and said those words in sleep. Don’t take it to your heart. ” Florence didn’t dare to look at Ernest. She wished so much that she could slap herself. How embarrassed! She awkwardly walked pass Ernest. Ernest’s warmth seemed to remain on the pair of slippers and Florence walked into the living room in a disturbed state. She seemed to feel better when she got away from the bed. Looking at the woman who was trying her best to distance herself away from him, Ernest’s gaze became gloomy with a touch of helplessness flashing across his eyes. She was still excessively nervous when she was facing him. “It’s close to the appointment with Tina. Dress yourself and we will set off. ” Florence, who was overwhelmed by embarrassment, finally pulled herself together. She came back late in the afternoon and fell asleep. When she woke up, it was already in the evening. “All right. I will get prepared and will be there soon. ” Florence hurriedly walked towards the bathroom. There was a huge mirror in the bathroom. When Florence walked in, she saw a messy reflection in the mirror. As she just woke up, her hair was so messy and the straps of her dress were entangled on her body. Her image was messy and was so unpleasant to eyes. “Ah!” Florence covered her face with her hands and her face was crimson red as if it was about to drip blood. She wished so much that she could find a hole on the ground and hide herself in it. Ernest had saw how messy she was just now. Florence felt extremely ashamed. “Don’t be so nervous. It’s not the first time for me to see your messy appearance when you just wake up. ” Ernest’s tall figure suddenly appeared at the door of the bathroom and said with a teasing sound. Florence uncontrollably recalled the scenes when she lived at his home, she woke up with him on the same bed everyday. She was rendered speechless. Florence glared at him, “I’ve also seen your messy appearance when you just work up and was improperly dressed. ” Florence was stunned when she realized what she had said. She looked at Ernest dully and could clearly feel that her face was so red. A charming smile appeared on Ernest’s handsome face. “Yeah. You’ve seen all the aspects that I haven’t shown to others

She was so shocked that she still couldn’t pull herself together after a long while. Florence walked into the restaurant arm in arm with Ernest. She glanced around the surroundings and felt surprised and curious

. Why was the decoration of this restaurant so romantic? If she didn’t see Tina, she would think that this was a venue for proposal. “Hello, Ms. Alston. ”Florence took the initiative and greeted Tina politely. Tina finally came back to her own sense when she heard her voice. Even if she was reluctant to admit the fact that Ernest brought Florence together with him, it was the truth. Tina was so furious that she wanted to throw Florence out of the window, but she still managed to maintain a graceful and decent smile on her face. “Hello, Miss Fraser. ”Tina then nodded at Ernest and made a gesture of invitation, “Mr. Hawkins, please take a sit. ”Ernest pressed his thin lips together. He held up Florence’s hand and naturally sat down opposite to Tina. It was a foursquare table with some white roses and candles on it. The sweet fragrance of aromatherapy prevailed in the air. It looked quite romantic. However, Tina didn’t think it romantic at all when she glanced at Florence who was sitting beside Ernest. After seating herself beside Ernest, Florence looked up and saw Tina who was sitting opposite to them. Tina’s brows were furrowed slightly and her expression was complicated. She was a bit absent-minded as she seemed to be thinking of something. And Ernest simply pressed his thin lips together with an indifferent look. It was so quiet and awkward. To alleviate the awkwardness, Florence casually found an excuse, “The decoration of this restaurant is really awesome. It’s somehow romantic. ”Tina was rendered speechless and blushed. Why did Florence bring up this embarrassing topic?Ernest gazed at Florence and asked in a low voice, “You like it?”“A little bit. ”She just casually found a topic to break the silence. Although this place looked romantic, it had a strong scent of aromatherapy and she didn’t like it very much. Ernest pressed his lips together. He didn’t say anything again. But he fixated his lines of sights on Florence as if he only had her in his eyes. He didn’t even spare a glance at Tina, who had exquisitely dressed up herself. Tina felt upset and angry. She would go crazy because of anger if they kept displayed their affections publicly