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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 265: How Intimate They Were?

Tina tried hard to suppress her enviousness and waved her hand at a waiter, “Waiter, please, we want to order food. ” The waiter quickly came over and handed out three menus to them respectively. Ernest didn’t take a glance at the menu. He simply sat on the sofa elegantly and looked towards Florence from time to time. Although Tina was furious, she was an elite of the industry after all. She sensibly suppressed her negative emotions and maintained the politeness that a host should have. Noticing that Ernest didn’t even open the menu, she asked, “Mr. Hawkins, why don’t you order food? Are you unsatisfied with this restaurant?” “Florence will order food for me. ” Ernest replied in an extremely natural manner. Florence, who was reading the menu, was stunned. Why did he ask her to order food for him? Tina was also confused and uncomfortable. She took a glance at Florence, “Looks like Miss Fraser is quite familiar with Mr. Hawkins’ preference?” It was true that she was quite familiar with it. Florence felt a bit unease and nodded her head stiffly. Tina felt gloomier. “It’s out of my expectation. It’s not long after your engagement, and I thought you’re not clear of each other’s preference. Ernest was superior and was busy in usual times. Therefore, even if Florence was his fiancée, they would not date each other frequently. She thought they would not be as intimate as those loving couples and would not be so familiar with each other. Tina was sighing emotionally, but her words had some connotations and she was actually questioning it, roughly meaning that Florence would probably order something Ernest didn’t like. Florence felt a bit uncomfortable and pressed her lips together. But she didn’t want to retort her or to argue with her. Right at this moment, Ernest’s low and indifferent voice sounded. “We live together and it has been Florence who selects dishes for me. ” Tina was immediately stunned and looked at the persons sitting opposite to her in astonishment. They were living together? Their relationship was enhanced so quickly! And they were so intimate! And it was Ernest who told her about such a private thing. Apparently, he was very satisfied with Florence, or more precisely, he didn’t want to hide his relationship with Florence from the public. Ernest’s proactivity made Tina realize about Ernest’s attitude towards Florence. He would not be seduced or snatched by the other woman. How ridiculous that she racked her mind today and tried to snatch Ernest from Florence. All her hope was crushed. Tina thought Florence an eyesore and she became more envious of her. But she had a good control of her facial expressions

If we have a pleasant talk this time, I hope we can sign the contract tonight. ” After finishing the words, Tina gracefully picked up the glass of red wine from the table and toasted towards Ernest. This was a kind of greeting that was usually seen at a meal of negotiation

. Ernest looked at Tina coldly. He sat on the sofa elegantly, but refused to lift his hand. Tina, who was toasting at Ernest, felt awkward. She hadn’t expected that Ernest would be so cold and aloof and he even embarrassed her by refusing her toast. She felt very embarrassed at the moment. Tina kept the posture, her face gradually turning pale and she even failed to maintain the fake smile on her face. Florence looked at Ernest in surprise. Although he was also cold and aloof in usual times, he would not refuse other people’s toast directly and disrespectfully. Florence hesitated for a while when she saw the awkwardness on Tina’s face and then secretly touched Ernest’s hand under the table. But Ernest grabbed Florence’s hand in his palm. His big palm wrapped her small hand and he rubbed her hand slowly. Florence immediately blushed. She was flustered and wanted to withdraw her hand. What the hell was Ernest doing? Tina toasted him, but she ignored her and played with her hand. Didn’t he notice that Tina almost failed to control her expression as she was extremely embarrassed?Tina felt so awkward. Her hand froze in the air and she felt it inappropriate no matter to maintain the posture or to retreat her hand. She tried hard to force a smile on her face and reminded Ernest again, “Mr. Hawkins, cheers. ”She thought Ernest would toast with her if she said these. However, Ernest still sat on the sofa composedly, showing no intention to toast with Tina. He shifted his gaze away from Florence and spared a glance at Tina as if it was a blessing. His gaze was so indifferent that it made people tremble. “Our collaboration is cancelled. ”“What?”Tina was frightened by the four simple words. Her expressions changed dramatically. She gazed at Ernest with astonishment and disbelief. “Mr. Hawkins, you must be joking, right? We had several rounds of successful negotiation concerning about this collaboration and we’re here to decide on some details today and plan to sign the contract. ”She thought that he would require having more rounds of negotiation regarding these details, but she hadn’t expected that Ernest would cancel the collaboration without saying anything or reading anything. It was a great shock to Tina. If it wasn’t because she was sitting on the sofa, she would have fallen down onto the ground