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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 689: How is it Different

Ernest’s face remained unchanged as his gaze was exuding a cold and murderous light. Only God knew how eager he wanted to tear those people apart the moment he arrived and saw Florence getting chained and beaten by a huge bat. It was only a short time he was away, yet his woman was getting tortured in such a way! Damn it! These people deserved to die. Ernest’s eyes remained hard and gloomy, and the strength he exerted into his fists slowly increased. He looked like the Ashura at the moment with the kind of aura his body was giving out. The woman’s face was an increasing shade of purple, and it felt like she was going to spit out blood next. Her mouth was agape but no sound of begging even came out of it. Her eyes began to roll in agony. This was the first time Florence had witnessed Ernest wanting to get his hands dirty, especially when it came to killing. He was really frightening like a God of war looming over everything. At the same time, she felt strangely relieved in his presence. Despite that, knowing that murder was against the law, she didn’t want him to dirty his hands just for her sake. Seeing that the woman was going to heave her last breath, she wanted to stop this from going overboard but at this moment another voice intercepted her. “Mr. Hawkins, stop right there!” It was a middle-aged man in his forties, and he was wearing a very immaculate shirt. He gave the impression of nobility. That man hurried over and started to beg, “Mr. Walker, my damned wife has done something wrong, and I will definitely punish her greatly! Please spare her life for my sake. ” Ernest’s brows furrowed while his sculpted fingers continued to strangle the woman. The woman’s pupils were nowhere to be seen anymore and she was on the verge of losing her breath. That man almost had a headache as he anxiously added, “Mr. Walker, I know that we have incurred your wrath, but if you kill someone just because of a girl, your girl would become the public enemy of every woman in this area. That would only make things difficult for her in the future. ” When he finished his sentence, Ernest’s fingers which was taut with strength jolted for a moment. His handsome face now had a dark cloud shrouding his features. After a while, when the woman was slowly losing her consciousness only did he let go of his hand, which caused the woman to topple to the ground. The woman finally secured her freedom as she held her neck and coughed uncontrollably. That man let out a sigh of relief as he promised, “Mr. Walker, you can be rest assured, it’s my wife here who was ignorant. I will make sure to punish her. ” “I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s this brat that…” “Shut up! “ That man reprimanded his wife while in a foul mood, “Florence is not the same as you guys. She’s an outsider, and her life is totally different from ours. Don’t apply your methods and perspectives on her!” “Since she’s in Raflad now, she should obey the rules here. ” The woman was discontented. That man’s face grew gloomier by the second. He almost had the urge to slap this stupid bitch to death on the spot

It was already his limit for not killing this woman. Andrew noticed his anger as he hastily offered, “I have medicine at home. Let’s deal with Ms

. Fraser’s wound first. ” He feared that if this situation remained unchanged for a few more seconds, Ernest would really kill his wife. Although they didn’t have much interaction, he could still clearly feel that Ernest was a cold-blooded person. Nobody could get out alive if they went past his limits. Furthermore, in their country, to kill a woman was the same was killing ants. No responsibilities would be forced on anyone here. Ernest didn’t respond to Andrew as he took a step towards Florence. “Let me carry you. ”As he said that, he reached out in a gesture that looked like he was about to carry her. Andrew suddenly had a drastic change of expression as he reached out and placed his hand on Ernest’s arm. “Mr. Walker, that won’t do!”As long as she had any sort of discomfort, Ernest would never fail to carry her in his arms, which Florence had gotten used to. For them, something like this was part of daily life. However, based on the faceAndrew was making, it seemed like they were making a grave mistake. He couldn’t help sending signals through his expression to Ernest, “Ms. Fraser just has a sprain. I think you can help her to walk. ”After saying that, he lowered his voice to transmit this message to those who were in very close proximity to him, “You still have something important left to do. ”Ernest’s face darkened and it seemed like he was trying to push back his anger which was boiling from within. After some hesitation, he looked at Florence with a hard expression and whispered, “Are you able to walk on your own?”Florence was startled. She never expected that Ernest would ask her to walk by herself. Why was he so on edge and on alert?She invariably thought of what that woman had said before. Ernest had told them about his relationship with Florence, which was a sibling relationship. Nobody here knew that they were a couple. There must be something here that she hadn’t figure out yet. The fact that he was deliberately placing distance between them caused Florence to feel some insecurity and discomfort. Despite that, she was an understanding person. She nodded obediently in the end. “I can. ”After taking a deep breath, Florence worked the muscles on her calf slightly before striding forward with pain. This sprain was indeed a little serious. However, under the scrutinizing gaze of everyone, she could only take her steps slowly.