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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 523: How Thoughtless!

He couldn’t answer or hang up the call as it would raise Stanford’s suspicion. They might not be able to escape if he came right now. Florence looked at Benjamin’s stiffened face, guessed he didn’t expect this twist and she became hopeful once again. She threatened, “Benjamin, my brother will notice what happened by now, release me now or my brother will show no mercy! Even you as the son of the Turner will lose everything, you knew my brother!” Stanford was the only male in the Fraser family, he was in full power now, so he could say or do anything he wanted. Despite being powerful in the Turner, but Benjamin was not the only heir, not even the next one in line, the Turner would definitely sacrifice him for the benefits of the family. It was a definite loss if Benjamin faced them directly. Benjamin looked at the mobile in his hand angrily, he wanted to crush it. Florence was really his nemesis. But he couldn’t give up, impossible to give up now. He risked everything this time, if he lost, he lost everything, if he won, he could take over the Turner. He would never let go of the meat by his mouth. He stared at the mobile and ordered, “Bring her away!” “Yes. ” The men in black dragged Florence towards another side of the wood disregarded her struggling. Florence looked in the direction they were heading too, it was dark and creepy, she became nervous. Had Benjamin gone insane? She yelled, “Benjamin, my brother will be here looking for me if I didn’t contact him within five minutes! You can’t leave here by kidnapping me!” She trusted Stanford’s ability. Benjamin too dared not doubt Stanford’s love towards Florence. He clenched his teeth with a darkened face. He walked fast heading forward with the mobile in his hand at the same time ordered to his earpiece. “Get ready!” Florence’s ringing mobile was the only source of light in the dark wood, ringing and blinking. Benjamin held it in his hand and kept moving forward

He was frightened to death. He was raised a prince since young, no one had ever held a knife on his neck, he would die soon. Florence took a deep breath and shouted

. “Stop! Don’t hurt him!” Benjamin stuck the knife nearer to his neck, the skin was cut off and blood began flowing out. The dagger was extremely sharp, if he pushed harder, Clarence would die. Florence was frightened; her body was weak and her face as pale as white paper. “Benjamin, what do you want? Don’t harm him! Say it and I will do it. ” “Really? Anything I want?” Benjamin stopped what he was doing, but the knife was still on Clarence’s neck. He said with a mocking tone, “He is Clarence, neither your lover nor someone special, will you give up for his sake?” “Hmmm…Hmmm!” Clarence cried and wanted to say something, but couldn’t. Florence had never faced a bloody scene like this before, she was horrified but couldn’t let down her guard. She knew that Clarence’s life was in her hand now. She gritted her teeth and replied, “Yes, I will. ”Although Clarence was not her lover and annoying, he was here because of Ernest and her, he had been helping so much too. It was her that put Clarence in danger, she owed him and couldn’t watch him be killed. It was out of responsibility as well as humanity. Benjamin mocked while smiling, “How thoughtless!” “I expected things would be harder and would take some time for you to give in, but you are super naïve, and stupid. ” He then threw her mobile back to her.