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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 420: How Will You Make It up to Me?

She gripped his hand happily and asked, “Since you came here now, has anyone found you?” Although it was raining, it was still the daytime outside. Ernest shook his head. “I don’t think so. ” “Are you very busy? Am I holding up you too long because you came over to see me?” Florence felt a bit guilty. She knew how busy Ernest had been in the past few days. He even didn’t have time to sleep. “Yep. You’ve been holding me up too long. ” Ernest looked at Florence deeply. Florence was taken aback. She was quite agape as well. Although she said those words, she had expected that Ernest could probably comfort her and tell her it didn’t matter. But, much to her surprise, he said yes. Florence felt quite embarrassed. With a blushed face, she heard Ernest add, “I’ll go back and work overtime for several more hours again. If you feel sorry for me, you can’t do such stupid things next time. ” His disdain was so direct that Florence felt so embarrassed. However, a trace of sweetness surged in her heart no matter how hard she tried to suppress it. She knew that what Ernest was concerned about the most was that she couldn’t get injured. Florence took his hand and raised it next to her lips. Then she kissed it. She said seriously, “I’ll make it up to you in the future. This is the seal and my signature. ” Ernest’s eyes suddenly became deepened, looking at the back of his hand as if his eyes were full of flames. He leaned forward, approaching her closer. He whispered, “How will you make it up to me?” His hoarse voice had an obvious implication. Florence blushed instantly, feeling shy and annoyed. How could the man mention that kind of stuff all of a sudden? She was still injured, but all he wanted was to have sex. “I have the final say about how to make it up to you. Don’t make any wild guess. ” Florence looked away shyly. She dared not to look into his eyes at all. Ernest chuckled, curling up his lips into a doting smile. “Okay. I’ll be looking forward to it then. ” He sounded quite playful, full of a different implication. Florence blushed more deeply. She wondered why Ernest could talk about such things so naturally. She felt quite ashamed. “Beep

Looking at Ernest’s calm face, Stanford went furious. He walked up and grabbed Ernest’s collar, pulling him up. He said with a fierce look, “Ernest Hawkins, you must pay for it!” After finishing his words, Stanford raised his fist and threw a punch on Ernest’s face

. Ernest’s tall and strong figure took a step backward, a trace of blood oozing from the corner of his good-looking mouth. Florence was so frightened that she turned pale. She exclaimed in a harsh voice, “Stop it! Don’t hit him!”Ernest wiped off the bloodstain from his mouth. He looked at Florence tenderly. With a soft, steady, and careless tone, he said, “It’s OK. We should let your brother vent his anger. Otherwise, he might get sick. ”Stanford was more furious. In the past few days, he failed to defeat Ernest, so there was indeed a wave of anger surging in his heart all day long. He was trying his best to defeat Ernest and kick him away. Now, Ernest just exposed his thoughts in such a casual way. Looking at Ernest who seemed to be willing to be hit by him, Stanford went enraged. “If it weren’t for Flory and I wasn’t willing to kill you, think you can still stand here alive? I would have shot you to death already!”As he spoke, Stanford fumbled in his jacket and pulled out a silver gun. The black muzzle was aimed at Ernest’s forehead. Florence was so freaked out that she even couldn’t breathe. That was a gun. As long as Stanford pulled the trigger, Ernest would die. “Stanford, are you insane? Put away your gun! Now!” Florence exclaimed excitedly. Her face went pale, cold sweat streaming down her face. Ernest frowned. He didn’t care about the gun that was against his forehead. He stared at Florence deeply and comforted her. “I’m OK. Don’t move around. Or your wounds would be cracked. ”Florence had almost blown up - he was pointed by a gun on his forehead, but still, he was in the mood to care about her wounds. She was so freaked out that she could hardly feel the pains. She said to Stanford in fear and panic, “Stanford, we can have a talk nicely. Please put away your gun first, OK?”Her trembling voice was full of pleading. Stanford always treated her dearly. Once Florence requested something, he would do it. However, upon hearing her beg this time, he became more enraged. He wished that he could kill Ernest right now. If it weren’t for this man, his sister wouldn’t have to beg him so humbly. “I’ll kill him here today, so you won’t have any hope on him in the future!” Stanford roared in angry. His knuckled finger was about to pull the trigger.