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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 209: How Would He Feel?

Back to her room, when Florence was washing her face, she still felt a bit embarrassed when looking at the skincare products given by Reynold. It turned out that when he gave those things to her, he was hitting on her. But she was so silly that she thought it was because he was a nice man. She decided to ask him about the price of those things when meeting him next time and she would give him back the money as soon as possible. When Florence was in the bar, the hotel staff had already cleaned her room and changed the beddings. Although she had a long day, when Florence was lying on the bed, she was still sleepless. She pulled out the cell phone and browsed. Except for the messages from her friends, Ernest didn’t call or send her a text message or a WeChat message. And now it was past 2 AM. He must have known that she escaped long ago. However, he didn’t call her or try to contact her. Staring at the clean desktop of her cell phone, Florence was in a daze. She couldn’t imagine Ernest’s attitude towards this incident . would he be angry or would he not care at all? He didn’t contact her, so she thought perhaps he didn’t care. Although he wanted to marry her, as an arrogant man, he would felt humiliated because she stood him up. Florence thought probably he was angry and even had given up on her. After she went back in half a month, maybe Ernest would call off the marriage with her. That was the result that Florence had expected. However, as long as she thought about that result, she felt so stressed and hard to breathe as if there was a heavy stone pressing on her heart. Since she was bothered, Florence didn’t have a good sleep at night. She still looked a little depressed when getting up the next morning. Fortunately, other coworkers almost stayed in the bar for a whole night, so none of them looked energetic. Florence wasn’t different from them. In the morning, everyone was napping and recovering. The first meeting after they had arrived in Riverside City was held in the afternoon. When Florence entered the meeting room, there were a lot of attendees already. As soon as she found a seat to sit down, a few co-workers looked over at her. The man called Steven spoke first while looking at Florence ambiguously, “Florence, you didn’t come back after going to the restroom. Where have you been?” Florence was taken aback. She didn’t expect that they still remembered her whereabouts last night and that she didn’t go back to the booth after going to the restroom. Didn’t they focus on drinking last night? Why did they remember everything so clearly? At the thought that she escaped with Reynold last night, Florence felt a bit guilty. “I was drunk last night, so I came back to sleep. ” “Only coming back to sleep?” Steven questioned again in disbelief. Another man next to him also echoed, “Reynold also left with you together last night, Florence. Reynold didn’t go back. You two left together, didn’t you?” Florence was rendered speechless. They did leave together

Right then, Steven, who was sitting next to Florence, secretly bent over and approached Florence. He whispered, “Florence, do you feel that Reynold was a completely different man from he was last night? Please don’t mind it. I’ve been working with him for a long time

. That’s who he is. In private, he was gentle and elegant, quite easy-going, but during the work, he was quite serious. He doesn’t care about the personal feelings nor allow jokes. ”Florence was a little stunned. When she looked at Reynold again, her thoughts were different. He was so serious now because of his care and enthusiasm for his current career. And the solemnness on his face seemed to put a halo on him, making him more capable and charming. Since Reynold had come, others attended soon arrived. The meeting began officially. Both Erica and Reynold were doing the talk today, sharing the plans, tasks, and arrangements for this period. Reynold also gave them a brief of some professional content. Sitting there, he was speaking confidently, looking extremely handsome. The words that he said were all straight to the point. Florence wrote down almost every single word he said. After listening to his brief, she believed she had learned a lot. No wonder he was a world-famous designer. He was way too professional comparing to her. Florence looked at the confident Reynold. Once again, she felt that she made the right decision to worship this idol. After the meeting, on the second day, the two teams started to work together officially. Reynold was quite an excellent man in terms of his career. His knowledge and experiences were much better than others. Florence had made huge progress by learning from him. Reynold didn’t only teach her but also took her to watch the evolution of the fashion in Riverside City. While they were watching, he asked her to learn the details. Florence followed Reynold to walk around Riverside City for almost a whole day. Although her feet hurt, she was still energetic and full of interest. Reynold looked at Florence and smiled, “Are you tired?”“Not really. ” Florence shook her head. “Shall we continue tomorrow?”“Sure!” Florence agreed happily. Since Reynold could take her out and gave her private lessons alone, it was a rare opportunity for her. Reynold smiled and walked to his car. When he reached his car and was about to open the door, a young and pretty girl trotted towards him.