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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 176: Hug Me

This was the first time Florence saw that Ernest was sick and so vulnerable. This made her panic as well. She asked without even thinking, “What can I do so that you’ll be more comfortable?” “Hug me. ” His voice was very low. His tall body seemed to be unsteady as if he might fall at any moment. Florence thought that he was unable to support himself and was letting her help him so she hurriedly reached out and embraced his waist. When she was going to help Ernest, as if he had gotten some kind of permission, he suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her once again. It was wild and gentle. In a flash, her heart was in turmoil. Florence was entirely stunned. Then, she clearly felt that Ernest had… Florence’s mind exploded with a loud ‘boom’. Now only she realized what did Ernest actually want. But, how could it be? She wanted to struggle but Ernest totally did not give her any chance. He embraced her and with a flip, Florence’s body was leaned against the wall. It was just nice that Florence’s back touched the switch on the wall. With a ‘click’, the room suddenly became dark. The darkness maximized the stimulation of their senses. In front of Florence, Ernest’s previous repression instantly broke through all the defences and rushed out like a wild horse that struggled off the reins. The madness was unstoppable! In the darkness, there was a messy. With a series of turns, Florence fell on the bed and next, a tall figure pressed on her body. Ernest’s broad physique looked even stronger in the darkness. In puzzlement, Florence gazed at him. A vague memory appeared in her mind once again. It was the same situation in which she was in a dark room with a man’s body pressing on hers… His devil-like voice rang in her mind. If you dare to provoke me, you will pay the price… Price. She had given her first time to him. She had not remembered that nightmare-like night for a long time. But at this moment, the scene and situation now, and Ernest’s figure in front of her seemed to overlap with the man’s figure in her memory. With the same breath and same danger. Florence’s entire body stiffened tightly and she almost could not distinguish if it was reality or dream now

She turned on the light and saw that the clothes and pants were scattered messily in the room. The subtleness in the room had not yet entirely dissipated. Her cheeks reddened slightly and she felt a little embarrassed

. She hurriedly went to clean up these clothes which could make one feel shameful but at this time, she heard the continuous sound of water in the bathroom. She froze for a while and thought that Ernest’s crazy actions just now were very different from the usual. He was like a wolf that had lost control. What was wrong with Ernest?He was very out of sorts. Florence hesitated for a while, walked to the door of the bathroom and knocked on the door. “Mr. Hawkins…”Her voice was a little stiff. She was still very squirmy to face Joseph at such a moment. The only thing that responded to her in the bathroom was the sound of water. “Mr. Hawkins, are you okay?”Florence asked again but there was still no answer. However, Ernest was moving as there were different sounds of water. In the past, Ernest would not be like this. The more Florence thought about it, the more worried she felt. The sounds of knocking on the door could not help but become slightly louder. “Mr. Hawkins, answer me, if not, I’m coming in. ”As Florence said, she reached out to open the door but realized that Ernest surprisingly locked the door from the inside. This made her even more worried. Something was wrong. There must be something wrong with Ernest. She was so anxious as if she had ants in her pants. She patted the door hard and Ernest’s low and deep voice sounded from inside after quite a while. It was extremely low as if he was tired to the extreme and would collapse at any time. “Ask Harold to come over. ”Florence froze and then immediately replied, “Alright, I’ll ask him to come over right now. ”Florence totally did not dare to delay any time and after hurriedly taking out her phone, she called Harold