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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 207: Human Beast

Shortly, the barbecue skewers were ready. The owner placed two places on the table. “This plate is for you, Miss, spicy. This plate is for you, Mister, not spicy. ” Two plates were put on the table for Florence and Reynold respectively. Reynold didn’t eat spicy food, but Florence did. Hence, there were two portions. Florence looked at the two plates, feeling not quite used to it. It seemed this was the first time she encountered such a situation. She preferred a completely different flavor from Reynold did. Reynold, however, was quite relaxed. Elegantly, he picked up a skewer and took a bite. “Hum, it tastes good. Have a try. ” As he spoke, he picked up a skewer on Florence’s plate and put it next to her mouth. With such distance, Florence could have a bite as soon as she opened her mouth. She was a bit taken aback, wondering if Reynold was going to feed her. Immediately she denied the thought. Flustered, she hurriedly took the skewer from Reynold’s hand. “Okay, I’ll have a try. ” She maintained a polite smile on her face, but her action distanced her from him a bit. Reynold slightly frowned, looking at Florence in confusion. From the daytime till now, the atmosphere between them should be almost simmered. He couldn’t understand why Florence still took a step back at a critical moment. Perhaps she was shy in public, wasn’t she? At the thought of the possibility, Reynold looked at her thoughtfully, pressing his lips. “The original design of KISS is in the villa nearby here. I can take you to have a look. If you like it, I can give it to you as a gift. ” KISS was a famous evening dress designed by Reynold, which was also Florence’s favorite. Florence looked at Reynold in surprise. “Really? May I?” “Of course. ” Florence suddenly had lost appetite to eat the barbecue slowly. Quickly, she ate up all the skewers in her plate and wiped her hands, sitting there waiting for Reynold. She was so eager to take a look at the original design of KISS, but she felt embarrassed to urge Reynold. Reynold could tell how eager she was. Pressing his lips, he smiled. He believed that he had given her a reasonable excuse to let her go to his villa, so now she couldn’t hide her intention at all. Reynold had been involved in Florence’s game for a whole day. For him, tonight was the most important. They had flirted with each other enough, so it was time for him to draw her in the net now. He didn’t finish his skewers. Wiping his hands elegantly, he stood up. “All right. Let’s go home

Florence was stiffed suddenly. She wanted to push away Reynold in a panic. “What are you doing, Mr

. Myron?”“What do you think?”Reynold held Florence in his arms. When he spoke, the heated breath he exhaled was sprayed behind her ear. His hands moved upwards willfully. Florence was frozen. She had never expected such a thing would happen so suddenly. She always thought of him as her idol, a gentleman. That was why she followed him to his villa without any precaution. “Mr. Myron, please be self-respected!”Florence started struggling hard. Reynold had thought it was something that they both were willing to do, so he hadn’t expected that Florence would struggle so violently. Off guard, he was pushed away by her. As soon as she got the freedom, Florence ran towards the door. Reynold frowned. Lifting his long legs, he strode over and blocked Florence’s way. He grabbed her shoulders, turned over, and pressed her against the wall. He bent down his head slightly, looking down at her. They were too close as if they could kiss at any time. “Florence, it’s enough to play hard to get. You should know when to stop. ”His voice was deep, filled with impatience. Florence saw the familiar flames in the man’s eyes, her whole body tightened, extremely flustered. She tried to struggle in a panic. She said excitedly, “I don’t know what you are talking about. Mr. Myron, you are my idol and I respect you. Why are you doing this to me?”Florence’s worldview, outlook on life, and value almost broke down. She had never expected that the idol she admired and who always looked like a gentleman for the past one day would be a human beast. Looking at Florence’s frightening and trembling face, Reynold was startled slightly. She didn’t look like being acting. He wondered why she had done those things during the daytime. He frowned unhappily. “Florence, what on earth do you want? You’ve been hinting at me for a whole day. Don’t you want a one-night-stand tonight? Now we’re coming this far, but you regretted it, don’t you?”Florence was completely taken aback. She didn’t understand why he said she had been hinting at him for a whole day. She thought through her behaviors earlier, but she couldn’t find anything done over the boundary. Looking at Reynold warily, Florence said nervously, “Mr. Myron, is there any misunderstanding? I just take you as my idol only. ”Reynold creased his brows more deeply, increasing the strength of his grip on Florence’s shoulders.