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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 592: I Am A Picky-Eater

Just like how he left, Stanford rushed back to the villa in a huff. Walking into the door, he habitually wanted to walk towards Ernest’s room. But at this moment, he heard Florence’s voice coming from the dining room. “Stanford, we are here. ” Stanford paused in his tracks, and saw Florence who was waving her hand at him. He came back to his senses, Ernest had already woken up, Florence didn’t have to stay by his side in his room taking care of him anymore. Naturally, she would be eating outside. Stanford looked at Florence, his gaze turned warmer, and he headed over to the dining room in large steps. Florence was standing by the table, smiling and giving him chopsticks. “Stanford, I didn’t know you were coming back now, so I didn’t prepare extra dishes, can you just have a simple meal?” “No worries, I am not picky. ” Stanford said without hesitation, and sat down at his seat. The food at his home was always the best, the quality was great, quantity was huge. Even if it was a single person eating, there would be many dishes, and even if there were three extra people, there wouldn’t be lacking in dishes. Hence Stanford sat down without any emotional burden. Just that, when he saw clearly what the dishes on the table were, the expression on his handsome face froze. He frowned lightly, a little surprised, “Just these few dishes?” There were indeed many dishes, on the table were many unrepeated dishes. However… Collin who was sitting by the side laughed mockingly, and said gleefully, “Stanford, you just said that you are not a picky eater. ” The corner of Stanford’s lips twitched slightly. This was not a matter of whether he was a picky-eater, it was a matter of whether they can even be eaten. His palate was used to spicy food. On the dining table, there would always be a mixture of spicy and non-spicy food, with a balance of taste and nutrition. But the dishes in front of him were all bland vegetables! There were ten plus bland vegetables, and none of them was the same. He couldn’t help but praise their chef, what a good job. He just only came back to his senses, realizing why Florence had said that they hadn’t prepared extra dishes and for him to eat casually. She had made ten plus of bland vegetable dishes just for Ernest! Collin looked at Stanford’s uncomfortable expression, the smile on his face turned bigger. He said smilingly, “It’s rare to see Stanford with such an unappetizing look, I suddenly have a great appetite for this big meal. ” He was here to treat Ernest’s injuries, and was just in time for the meal, so he decided to stay here and eat

When she sat down, she didn’t pick up her own chopsticks and bowl. Instead, she picked up Ernest’s bowl and helped him fill a bowl of soup. Following that, she picked up the sharing spoon and filled some dishes for him

. While doing so, she was telling him that this and that were good for health. In a moment, she had filled Ernest’s bowl with dishes. Ernest looked at her helplessly, and said softly, “Alright, you eat too. ” Following that, Ernest picked up his chopsticks and put a piece of meat in her bowl. Florence looked at the piece of meat in her bowl, the corner of her lips raised in a sweet smile, she felt very blissful. She turned her head to look at him, “Your arms are injured too, does holding the chopsticks hurt? Do you need me to feed you?!”When she said this, Stanford who was drinking soup almost choked. He raised his head sharply to look at Florence, an expression of surprised and disappointment in her. Ernest had already woken up, and could move around freely, did he look like he needed someone to feed him?‘Sis, you’re worrying too much!’Ernest looked at Florence’s warm face, his lips raised happily, a sense of anticipation flashed across his eyes. He on the other hand really wanted to enjoy her service, feeding him bite by bite. But…“I saw him holding the chopsticks very well just now, I think his injuries should be almost fully recovered. ”Stanford frowned, couldn’t bear to continue looking any longer, saying coldly. His sharp gaze was straight on Ernest. It was really sharp. Florence frowned slightly, she could feel a strong air of hostility. What was wrong with her brother, he seemed to have swallowed a time bomb since he was back, she felt that he was filled with thorns, and was constantly attacking Ernest. Ernest had just saved her life, what was more he was an injured person, couldn’t he be nicer to him?Florence was upset and wanted to open her mouth to speak, but under the table, Ernest’s large palm lightly grabbed her hand, indicating for her not to say anything. Her gaze flickered and looked at him. Ernest’s face was a little pale, but his expression was calm and collected, without any tinge of panic. With a calm voice he replied, “Even though I am not fully recovered, but I am able to walk and do things without problem. If Mr. Fraser is in a hurry to leave, I have no problem with it. ”Florence was extremely unwilling then. Ernest was filled with injuries, he had only just recovered a little, how could he be leaving already?At least he still had to recuperate for a period of time!Florence was very unhappy in her heart, but she followed Ernest’s intentions and didn’t say anything, turning her unhappy gaze towards Stanford.