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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 519: I Am in the Wood

Benjamin left without delay once he bided goodbye. Florence went straight to Clarence’s room after breakfast. Lazy bug, given all sorts of excuses, she wanted to wake him up with a splash of water. “Clarence, how dare you…” Florence went into the room angrily but was surprised to see that it was tidy and empty. No. Clarence wasn’t here? He wasn’t here? Where did he go? Florence puzzled and looked for him everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. She asked Tammy and was told that Clarence left early in the morning but didn’t go for breakfast, no one knew where he was. Clarence’s identity was sensitive and was related to her. Florence worried and she called him. The call was disconnected immediately but a text was received. “I’m busy, don’t call me. I’ll be done soon, I’ll wait for you in the wood, come on time. ” Florence became more puzzled. He was preparing a surprise for her? Clarence was not her lover, what was he doing? Florence confused but seeing Clarence’s confidence, she didn’t think much. Everything would be revealed at night anyway. Ernest didn’t text during the day either. Perhaps he would only contact her at night before bed after he had everything settled. Florence spent her day doing nothing and waited till the night. Clarence texted her soon as the night fell. “Come quick, I am in the wood. ” Florence was puzzled by his text, what did he want? It was odd. Florence bumped into Stanford who was waiting in the hall when she was about to go out. She asked, “Stanford, what are you doing here?” Stanford scanned Florence from head to toe and gave a disapproved frown. He approached and put his arms on her shoulder, turned her over and instructed her to go back to her room. “You dressed too casually, go and change another dress. ” Florence was puzzled, what happened to her brother? He had never paid any attention to how she dressed but insisted her to dress beautifully now. So he thought Clarence’s surprise was to confess his love? Florence skipped a heartbeat thinking about this. Clarence would never confess his love but Ernest would. Could it be… It was not possible, Ernest had just left yesterday

” Florence smiled. While Phoebe threw her a glance. They walked side by side chatting and smiling

. Although Stanford couldn’t see them from the front, but he could hear them. The topic between girls was always leisure and food, such boring topics. The Fraser family was powerful and wealthy; they could have a feast every day. But they looked cute talking about these boring topics though. Stanford startled, he thought he must be tired due to lack of sleep. He shook his head and kept walking forward. Even though it was the wood within their territory, but it was still huge. They saw an arrow made with tons of roses at the entrance of the wood. And another one was not far from the first. Phoebe was shocked. “Wow, Clarence made arrows using roses, what did he prepare inside? Feels so romantic. ”Stanford smiled in satisfaction. Florence frowned. She looked into the wood suspiciously, what did Clarence want? He even prepared such romantic roses. There were other arrows accompanied by pedals along the way. The green forest filled with romantic ambient. And the further they went, the darker it became. Florence wanted to turn on the torch on her mobile but saw fireflies shining not far in the wood. It looked like shiny stars, it was gorgeous. Florence was surprised, “Are these fireflies?”“I think so. ”Phoebe was shocked too, she took a few steps forward. “It’s beautiful!”Florence dazed at the scene, she felt like she was in fantasy land. She always wanted to see fireflies, and she saw it tonight, here. A tall figure stood not far from the shiny fireflies