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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 533: I Am Out In the Ocean

Florence frowned, extremely unhappy, “Taking them again won’t make a difference. ” “If it doesn’t come out good, Clarence would be useless. ” With a flick of his wrist, Benjamin took out the dagger, “Then Clarence is really useless…” “Okay, I will take them again!” Florence gritted her teeth and reached her hand out to take the phone back. However, Benjamin avoided her hand. Florence frowned, “What do you mean by this?” Benjamin handed the phone to a maid next to him and ordered, “You take the pictures for them. ” Florence didn’t have any complaints. It was really tormenting for her to take a selfie with a smile. The maid took the phone from him and immediately assumed the posture of a professional photographer. She said to Clarence and Florence, “You both stand a little closer. Ms. Fraser, put your head on Mr. Jenkin’s shoulder. Yes, look more intimate. Mr. Jenkin, put your arm around her waist…” “Expressions… look more natural… Ms. Fraser, don’t look so restrained… smile happily as if you are with your lover…” The maid chattered endlessly. Florence head was swimming after a while. Look more natural? Behave as if she was with her lover? She wasn’t an actor! Florence was annoyed, “Can’t you edit the picture later? Just photoshop it to let it look more affectionate. ” “No. Stanford will definitely check the authenticity of the pictures. ” The maid said resolutely. Her sharp gaze stunned Florence momentarily. She looked just like a maid on the surface but she was much more than just a maid

” Clarence, “…” I really want to kill him. He said inwardly. He raised his fist angrily, wanting to punch Benjamin, but the bodyguards got to him faster

. They grabbed him from left and right and forcibly dragged him towards the side pillar. Florence was stunned. She hadn’t expected for Benjamin to become hostile this quickly. “Let him go!” However, before Florence could go for Clarence’s aid, two maids walked up to her and stopped her. Benjamin’s voice resounded from one side, “Flory, you still have things to do. ” The maids pulled Florence forcefully towards Benjamin. On this side, Clarence cursed loudly but he couldn’t struggle to free himself and was tied to the pillar by the two bodyguards. Florence couldn’t do anything but look at him, wishing to kick Benjamin right into the ocean a thousand times. “Flory, here. ” As soon as he walked over, he handed the phone to Florence. Florence saw that it was a video call from Stanford. Presumably, Benjamin had just sent the picture to Stanford, but Stanford was cautious and wanted to make a video call to verify personally. Florence frowned, “Aren’t you afraid that I will ask him for help?” It was a face-to-face video call. Benjamin smiled brazenly, “I believe you won’t. ” He stood up, his tall body approaching her ambiguously and said, “After all, you are so kind-hearted, you won’t be able to not care about Clarence’s life of death. ” Florence gritted her teeth and looked at Clarence tied up miserably to the pillar. She wasn’t kind-hearted but she felt a sense of responsibility towards Clarence. She took the phone but did not answer it immediately and said to Benjamin, “You have tied him up. What if Stanford wants to talk to him?” Benjamin shrugged, “You can shoot his video from his shoulders and above. ” Florence, “…” Clarence was in the middle of cursing at Benjamin loudly, “Benjamin, you fucker, you will die like a dog!”