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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 248: I Can Go There Alone If You Don’t Have Time

It was the ticket for the fashion show that she failed to buy. It was such a sudden surprise. Almost by distinct, Florence took it over, looking at this ticket that she had longed for a long time delightfully. “Why do you have it?” Ernest’s expression was slightly changed. He answered casually, “My friend gave it to me. ” Although the ticket for the fashion show this time was open to sale, it was quite difficult to get a ticket indeed. Florence almost gave up, but much to her surprise, Ernest’s friend could even give one to him. She was so jealous. Indeed, she wanted to accept it. Touching the cover of the ticket a few more times, she handed it back to Ernest reluctantly. “I’m sorry but I can’t accept it. You can attend it yourself. ” On one hand, this ticket was way too priceless, and she felt embarrassed to accept it. On the other hand, Ernest’s company was also involved in the fashion design industry. If he could attend this fashion show, it would be more helpful for him. Looking at Florence’s reluctant face, Ernest couldn’t help curling up his lips. This little woman was way too adorable. He said in a gentle voice, “I don’t have a plan to go there. ” However, it seemed that his plan needed to be changed. Florence had no idea what was on his mind. Upon hearing his answer, she thought that he had no such a plan to attend the fashion show in his schedule. If he wouldn’t go, the ticket would be wasted. It was far ashamed to waste such a valuable ticket, wasn’t it? Florence immediately took the ticket back. “Since you don’t have time, I’ll attend it. ” After having the ticket for the fashion show, Florence quickly got herself prepared for it. First of all, she needed to choose an evening dress in the shopping mall. When she was shopping, she encountered someone that she knew. In the corridor of the mall, there were a lot of passers-by. The one-meter-ninety tall and handsome man easily had become the focus in the crowd. As soon as she walked in, Florence caught a glimpse of him -- Reynold. She was about to say hi to him. After getting closer, she surprisingly found there was a strange woman next to him. The woman was tall with a curved shape, wearing fashionable clothes. She was also quite good-looking. Even when she was standing next to Reynold, the good-looking man, her appearance was quite competent. Right then, she was taking Reynold’s arm with her fair arms, almost clinging to his body. The man was talented and the woman was pretty -- what a perfect match. Florence immediately stopped

Shaking off her arms, he strode in another direction. Coincidentally, he was walking towards the direction where Florence was standing. After taking a few steps, Reynold saw Florence who was standing in the crowd

. Florence, who was enjoying the gossip, was found by him off-guard. She was startled, blushing in embarrassment. It was so awkward. “Ahem. Ahem. Well, what a coincidence, Mr. Myron!”Florence waved at him stiffly, pretending she had just arrived so that it wouldn’t be so embarrassing. However, Annabelle trotted towards them and held Reynold’s waist from behind. She said while crying, “Reynold, I truly love you. Please trust me, OK? I swear. I’ll change all my former bad habits. I won’t have other men anymore. Please give me a chance, OK? I just want to be with you only. ”Florence was speechless. She wanted to pretend that she had seen nothing, but now she couldn’t continue doing it. It was damn embarrassing. Her mouth corners twitched stiffly. She spoke softly with her lips, “I’m leaving now. ”As she spoke, she was about to escape. “Wait, Flory!” Reynold said in a hurry. His tone was far more enthusiastic and eager than that when he was speaking to Annabelle. Florence paused, feeling so uneasy. Reynold and his girlfriend were doing PDA and tugging each other. She just eavesdropped on the gossip, but now he found her there, why would he ask her to stay?Reynold frowned. Increasing the strength on his hands, he pushed away Annabelle, who was wrapping his waist. Then he strode over to Florence. Looking at her, he eagerly explained, “Flory, it’s not like what you’ve seen. I don’t know her at all. ”Indeed, he didn’t know Annabelle. They only had a one-night-stand. If he could dump her, everything would be fine. But if not. Florence took a glance at Annabelle who followed Reynold, her eyebrows creased. It was the romance between Reynold and Annabelle, and she shouldn’t be there as the third wheel, should she?