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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 616: I Can Lend My Shoulders to You

“Could the fact that I lied to you before being part of the bygones as well?” As soon as she asked, Phoebe regretted it. This was the taboo between Stanford and her that they didn’t frankly talk. They didn’t talk about it openly but they both cared about it. However, she asked it directly. She wondered if she was still hoping for any miracle. Phoebe’s mind was in a mess. She felt so uneasy and panicked. However, her eyes still twinkled with the ray of hope while she was staring at Stanford. It seemed that she hoped to get an answer to encourage herself not to give up. Stanford’s face was calm and cold. He pressed his lips more and more tightly as if in an instant, he was wrapped with a layer of low pressure. With darkened eyes, he stared at Phoebe, feeling complicated. For a long while, he didn’t answer. The silence spread in the dining room as if the air was pulled off gradually, making Phoebe so hard to breathe. Her uneasy heart became calmer and calmer as the time passed, sinking bit by bit in the deep abyss. Since Stanford didn’t answer, it was a euphemistic denial of her question. Phoebe realized that although he didn’t blame her, lies were just lies to him, which couldn’t be forgiven at all. He allowed her to continue staying with Florence and being her bestie, but that was just for Florence. For him, Phoebe’s lie was a barrier that could never be worn away between him and her. Although they were in the same place and they were just a few steps away from each other, Phoebe could clearly feel the gap that they could never overcome between them. It would be impossible for her to be with him in her life though she hoped pretty much so. He would never forgive her for deceiving him, and nor would he let her obtain his heart and treat her as his beloved woman. Phoebe’s heart went cold. With twinkled eyes, she parted her lips in difficulty. She uttered, “Well. Please ignore my question. I’m not hungry. Please excuse me. ” After finishing her words, Phoebe hurriedly turned around and trotted out of the dining room. She acted in a panic and didn’t want to continue staying here for any more second. She was afraid that she might break down the next second. She was overwhelmed by the despair. His refusal was so clear and determined. She couldn’t help but blame her for not giving up and humiliating herself. Stanford stood stiffly, gazing at Phoebe’s receding figure. He felt as if something was dug out from his heart, feeling so empty. Huge emptiness occupied his heart instantly. His intuition told him that he had lost something, making him panicked, but he couldn’t grasp it at all

Stanford was a bit surprised. He hat thought that Ernest would make excuses to buy some time. After all, before he agreed to let Ernest be together with Florence, once Stanford went back to the Fraser’s, there wouldn’t be any benefit for Ernest on the matter that he would be with Florence

. Stanford wondered if Ernest was quite confident that after returning to the Turner’s, he would obtain the power. Hence, he didn’t care much about the progress of his relationship with Florence, did he?It was quite possible for an ambitious man. Stanford stared at Ernest deeply. He said in a cold tone, “In three days, your health check report will be announced. It would be the right time for you to return to the Turner’s. No matter what the result would be, I’ll keep my promise - I won’t disclose that you might not be able to have your own children in the future. ”It was a deal between them. Ernest’s eyes were darkened. “I’m only concerned with the report. ”No matter Stanford would disclose it or hide it, he didn’t care at all. Stanford snorted. “You can be stubborn now. I don’t care. But. ”Suddenly, he walked up to and approached Ernest. He stared daggers at Ernest as if he was cutting him with sharp blades. “If you truly have lost the birth ability, you must leave Florence at once. You can’t pester her and make yourself a burden to her anymore!”His words were affirmative. He stressed each syllable. Ernest pressed his lips deeply. His eyes were sharp and darkened, just like the bottomless abyss. Florence pulled Phoebe to leave the dining room quickly and passed by the living room. After walking around the corner and arriving at the corridor, Florence suddenly paused. She turned around and hugged Phoebe. Phoebe bumped into her arms. She was taken aback by surprise. Florence hugged her tightly, patting her on the back gently. She whispered in Phoebe’s ear, “Phoebe, I can lend my shoulder to you. You can cry out. ”She didn’t want Phoebe to hold her tears back any longer. Phoebe was startled for a moment. The softest spot in her heart was poked. Suddenly, her tears rolled down uncontrollably. She burst into tears.