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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 491: I Could Walk Out

She was annoyed but didn’t know how to object to him. Even she couldn’t be sure of her safety, how could Ernest. Even if a promise was made, the promise would be broken due to uncertainties. He didn’t reply because he didn’t want to lie. Florence understood but still felt annoyed. “Don’t get hurt, it pains me. ” It pained her more than she got hurt herself. Ernest felt warm and looked at Florence full of love, it felt good to be cared for by her. He answered softly, “Yes, got it. ” Their conversation resolved the doubts in Stanford’s heart. They looked odd a few days ago because they fought and was in a cold war. But now that Clarence endangered himself to save Florence, she had finally calmed down and became close to Clarence once again. It should be normal. But… Stanford stared at them and still felt like there were something strange between them, was it just a small fight? It took them a few hours to resolve the incident and it was evening when they arrived home. They didn’t plan to tell Mr. and Mrs. Fraser about Florence got lost so that they won’t be worried, but Alexander found out somehow. They waited for Florence’s return worriedly. And checked on her repeatedly when they saw her. They kept reminding Florence to take care of her wounds. Florence took some time to comfort the two of them and went back to her yard. It was full of uncertainties now and Ernest left for a few days, it made her felt insecure. She needed to make sure that he was here. She went straight to Clarence’s room but it was empty. Where was he? “Clarence, Clarence, where are you?” Florence shouted and headed out. A male’s voice was heard from her room when she arrived at the entrance

He was so confident when he uttered the words, as if everything was in his control. But using a trick to sleep with her seemed… Florence’s face was as red as an apple, she was embarrassed. Her embarrassed face turned him on, he wanted to taste her right on the spot

. His breath turned heavy, he released her and took a step backwards. He tried so hard to suppress his desire, “Please get me some clothes in my room, I will shower here. ” Shower in her washroom? Florence blushed again and nodded immediately. “Oh, okay, okay. ” She turned and rushed out. Ernest watched her back smiling and then went into the washroom. Florence told Clarence before not to touch Ernest’s clothes. So all the clothes in the closet were clean. Florence took a pair of pyjamas and went back to her room. She heard Ernest showering the moment she stepped in. She stared at the door and visualized Ernest showering nakedly… She blushed and slapped on the cheeks. What was she thinking? She took a deep breath and walked towards the washroom slowly and knocked on the door. “I’ve got your pyjamas, do you want it now or I leave it here?”Ernest replied by opening the door. A cold breeze of air came out from the washroom. Florence’s body stiffened, she closed her eyes thinking about the image that was about to appear before her. “Your… Your pyjamas are here. ” She raised both arms with the pyjamas in her hand and handed it over. Ernest stood at the door and said naughtily, “I can’t reach. ” Couldn’t reach? She had it in her hand, why couldn’t he reach it? Florence doubted and open her eyes slowly. She saw the door was slightly opened, Ernest was standing at the door with his head popped out. And she put the clothes behind the door. Ernest had to walk out to take the clothes. He looked at her, “I could walk out…”