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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 593: I Don’t Agree To This Marriage

Stanford saw Florence eyeing him, and could not help but keep his mouth shut. His sister was so protective towards Ernest, if Stanford dared to ask him to leave immediately, he would be hated to death by his sister. Moreover, Ernest was the one who saved Florence’s life. No matter how unhappy he was, he still could not bring himself to do something so dishonourable to someone who saved his sister. Ernest put down his chopsticks and said in a cold tone. “Since you saved Flory, I am obliged to look after you until your wounds are healed. After that, I will personally send you back to the Turner Family. ” The last few words of his sentence were said one by one, almost as Stanford forced himself to spit out those words. His attitude was firm. It basically meant that when Ernest recovered from his wounds, he will be sent back to the Turner Family, with no chance that he will remain at the Fraser Family. If he could not stay at the Fraser Family, it also meant that there will be no chances between Florence and him. Florence did not expect Stanford’s attitude to be so steadfast when he spoke. She thought that his attitude towards Ernest would soften after the incident. However, it was clear that he was still against the both of them being together. Florence began to panic and felt anxious. She instinctively clenched her fingers. Ernest was holding her hand when she did that, he opened his large hand and interlocked her fingers. He lowered his head and looked at her with eyes full of warmth and kindness. His gaze was like a hot spring that calmed Florence’s heart. Ernest comforted her before shifting his gaze to face Stanford. He presented a smile, his attitude unchanged. “Mr. Fraser, I hope that you will agree to me being together with Florence this time. ” He went straight to the point. Stanford’s gaze became still. He glared at Ernest and said. “What if I do not agree?” “I will do my best to convince you. ” Ernest replied with a steadfast tone, as if it was the only way. As he witnessed Ernest’s ‘I am in control of everything’ attitude, Stanford felt unhappy

Hawkins. Stanford glared at Ernest, “Then colour me curious, if your identity is not verified, what’s the reason for you marrying Florence?”Ernest shifted his gaze and stared back at Stanford, his eyes gloomy, and said seriously. “Because if you really care about Florence, you will see my sincerity sooner or later, and that she desires it

. No matter how long it takes, you will eventually agree to Florence and me being together. ”His tone was rock steady, as if swearing an oath. He had Stanford’s heart all thought out. Stanford was frustrated, he absolutely wanted to crush Ernest’s smug confidence. However, he could not bring himself to do that. Ernest’s statement was half right. His parents and him wanted to protect Florence as best as they can, which was why her marriage was a major concern for them. Moreover, they only had one objective all this while, which was to ensure that her partner also loved her with all their heart till the end of time. “Of course, we are definitely not opposed to Florence being with someone who loves her dearly. However, that ‘someone’ is not necessarily you, is it?”Stanford said in a cold tone, his words all filled with disapproval. While the incident showed that Ernest definitely risked his life to save Florence, and that he shielded her from any harm to the best of his abilities, it was evident that he cared about Florence a lot. But Stanford was also someone who had been through hell and back. It was clear to him that between men, there were love and righteousness, and they would save someone even if it costed them their lives. And also, men also had love for family. If it was for Florence, he would also do something like what Ernest did. He did not think that doing that was love. Or, ‘I only love you and no one else’ kind of love. To put it in a different perspective, he had always thought that love was something that cannot be seen and touched, it was also unreliable. Moreover, Ernest’s constant scheming also left a bad taste in his mouth. Stanford glared coldly at Ernest and said. “Ernest Hawkins, I must say that you’re very good with your words and at calculating how things would play out. Sadly, you’re wrong this time. The Fraser Family will reward you for saving Florence, yes, but I will not agree to you being together with Florence. Please leave once you have recovered from your wounds. ”