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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 86: I Don’t Even Despise You

She blinked and saw Ernest; after a few seconds, she seemed to realize something, and her face became even redder. She said in a hurry, “You, don’t look, get out. ” Her voice was in a trembling, soft tone. Ernest’s eyes turned wide; it was as though a spark was ignited into a flame within him. He looked at her in a dangerous manner; his breathing was heavy, as though he was trying to restrain something. In a raspy voice, he said, “Don’t stay in there too long, it’s not good for your body. ” Once he finished speaking, he was ready to turn around and leave. His large physique seemed to move in a stiff manner. Just as he left, he heard the sound of water splashing behind him. And he heard Florence speak in a soft cat-like murmur, “Don’t leave…” Almost as if she couldn’t control herself, she stood up, and grabbed a corner of his clothes with her wet hand. There was also a raging fire inside her eyes, but she tightly bit her lips, as though she was trying to suppress something as well. Her flushed face was both confused and in pain. Ernest’s large body was frozen still. He could feel the water vapor coming up from behind him, and he felt as though his body was lit ablaze. Did this woman know what she was doing… Florence’s vision became more and more blurry; she felt so hot that she couldn’t think straight. She held onto his clothes, and inched closer and closer to him. It felt good to be near him. "Boom-" Ernest felt as though something exploded inside him. His body was incredibly stiff, and his voice was scratchy, “You, do you know that you should never provoke a man?” He liked her, so there was no way he could resist her advances. She continued to seduce him. Florence did not hear his warning at all; her whole body seemed to rest on him, and she moaned in dissatisfaction. “More…” She couldn’t take it anymore. It was as though she could only feel relief by being close to a man. The second she began to moan, it was as though Ernest lost all sense in his mind

” Ernest sat beside the bathtub and held her in place with one hand, unresponsive to any of her struggles to get up. With the ice cubes, the bathtub became quick in a matter of moments. A chilling bite started to crawl up her skin, and Florence started to relax a bit

. After a while, her struggles became weaker and weaker. Her eyes seemed to have come to, and she looked at Ernest, “I’m fine now, let me go. ” Ernest looked at her and did not budge. Florence’s face was cold, and her voice was distressed, “It’s so cold…”Ernest’s eyebrows jumped around; he could barely restrain himself against her voice. He relaxed his grip slightly. The second she was free, she did not hesitate at all and jumped towards him! “Plop”Another huge splash of water, and Florence was forced to stay in the bathtub again. Florence said nothing. Her mind was filled with sex as she looked at Ernest’s disgruntled expression. “Ernest, are you a man or not?”“Why won’t you sleep with me? I don’t even despise you. ”“Stop holding me down, I won’t sleep with you; I’ll just find another man, alright?” Ernest’s face turned grim again; he said nothing but dumped another bucket of ice into the tub. Florence still said nothing. After a tiresome night, it was finally over. “A-choo. ”Florence woke up and sneezed. Instantly, images of what occurred last night flashed through her mind. Scenes of her raunchily seducing Ernest replayed in her mind. Did she really do all that? Florence stared blankly up at the ceiling. “Awake?”Presently, a deep man’s voice rang out next to her. Florence froze still in place; she turned her head, only to see Ernest lying on his side, with one hand propping his head up as he gazed at her. From his collarbone and down, he wore nothing… Did something happen last night?