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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 73: I Don’t Mind if You Marrying Him

Not wanting to look any further, she withdrew her eyes from the two men and walked to the dessert area, choosing a random dessert to eat. As the saying goes, what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve for. She had an idle moment choosing the dessert when she heard two women not far away discussing in a low voice. “Mr. Hawkins and Miss Marlon really look good together. ” “Of course, they grew up together as childhood sweethearts and were a loving couple that everyone envies. Unfortunately, they have to separate now. ” “Why?” “I’ll tell you a secret, you don’t tell others, okay? It is said that, Mrs. Hawkins tried to separate the both of them…” As she heard this, Florence’s hand shook and the cupcake fell to the ground. She was stunned as if her heart was hit hard by something. She never understood why Ernest wanted to fake the engagement with her. Now, she seemed to have understood everything, it was all because of Gemma Marlon… She looked at the two people dancing in the centre of the ballroom. The two looked well matched, the handsome and the beauty. She realized Ernest’s feelings towards her were obviously different. Gemma turned out to be the person that Ernest liked. Now that the real owner was back, she, the impostor, should leave, shouldn’t she? “What’s wrong?” Ernest had walked to Florence’s side before she could realize. He saw the cupcake on the floor and then he looked at her dazed look. He was a bit worried. Gemma came along with him, with her eyes staring straight at Florence. Just now, the dance was going on smoothly, but when Ernest saw Florence dropped the cake, he immediately stopped the dance. Florence came back to her senses and saw Ernest standing by her side. Then, she saw Gemma too, standing not far away from them. She subconsciously took a step back. “Nothing’s wrong. ” “Why did you drop the cake if there’s nothing wrong?” Ernest spoke in a deep voice; a hint of concern was hidden in his stern tone. Afterwards, he walked forward; his fair and slender fingers were holding a small cake. He handed it to Florence, “Here, it’s strawberry flavour. ” It was a normal sentence, but it made Gemma extremely shocked. She was a perspicacious person. How could she not understand what the word’strawberry flavour’ meant? It meant that Ernest was well aware of Florence’s tastes and preferences. He was such a high-positioned and mighty person, but he could remember such a small thing like which dessert Florence liked

Gemma stood next to him, it was when they were just a few years old. They looked uneasy and stood far away, apart from each other, as if they were forced by the adults to take photos together. However, as they grew older, especially in the last two photos, the relationship between the two seemed to be much closer

. Ernest was still expressionless, but Gemma was smiling and holding his arm. Looking at these photos made Florence felt like witnessing to two of them growing up together, from their innocent childhood, to liking each other as a couple in adulthood. It turned out that Ernest’s ex-girlfriend was really Gemma. “There will be no more photos like this kind in the future, never again. ”Gemma had walked to her side without her noticing, she was also looking at these photos, with some sadness on her face. Florence asked subconsciously, “Why?”Gemma looked at Florence and smiled helplessly, “Because you’re his fiancée, so he can’t have any other women beside him anymore. ”Florence didn’t know what to say at that moment, she suspected that she was being treat as a love rival now. Seeing that Florence was frozen, Gemma shrugged and patted Florence shoulder. She spoke in a relaxed tone, “I’m just pulling your leg. I know that you and Ernest are falsely engaged, so I wouldn’t be jealous of you. ”Florence was stunned instantly. Gemma knew about her false engagement with Ernest!No, Gemma should have known about it. Ernest had a false engagement with her was all because of Gemma, no wonder she knew about it. Now the truth had been revealed, Florence felt better and relaxed, except for the slight complicated feeling in her heart. She asked doubtfully, “Why don’t you guys fight for it from Mrs. Hawkins? She seems to be very nice to talk to, and she really pampers Mr. Hawkins a lot. ”If Mrs. Hawkins really loved her grandson, she would eventually love what he loved. Gemma sighed, her pretty face covered by sadness. “Because… I don’t have a uterus. ”Without a uterus, it meant no fertility. A big family like the Hawkins would definitely not accept such a daughter-in-law. Florence came into a sudden realization. “In fact, I’ve been advising Ernest to just listen to his grandma, but he is just too stubborn to listen to me. ”Gemma said helplessly, but there was hidden sweetness in her tone. After a pause, she took Florence’s hand, her eyes full of sincerity, “Flory, I’m sorry that Ernest made such a request for you to fake an engagement. In fact, if you like Ernest, I don’t mind you marrying him…”