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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 309: I Don’t Need You to Wail for Me

Florence was stunned and then quickly pulled herself together. She finally realized how shameful her posture was when she saw the astonishment on the doctors’ faces. “I…I… It’s not what you think. ” Flustered, Florence let go of Ernest and jumped down the bed. Her face was so red as if it was about to drip blood at the next moment. And she lowered her head and was ready to run towards outside. It would be really embarrassing if these doctors thought that she wanted to rape Ernest by taking advantage of Ernest’s serious injuries. “Don’t leave. ” Ernest grabbed Florence’s wrist to stop her. He didn’t use too much strength, but Florence still stopped because she was afraid that Ernest’s wound would be opened again. She said with a crimson red face, “You shall change the medicine first. I will wait outside. ” She felt very embarrassed to stay in the ward. Ernest didn’t let go of her; instead, he ordered the doctors, “Bandage her finger first. ” The attending doctor immediately walked towards Florence and looked towards her hand, “Miss, please give me your hand…” He was interrupted before he could finish his words. Ernest held up Florence’s hand and then small wound that was cut by the fruit knife was exposed. Er… It only needed a band aid. Was it necessary to bandage it? Mr. Hawkins, wasn’t your wound more serious? Seeing that the doctor was absent-minded, Ernest urged him impatiently, “Can’t you hurry up?” The doctor was rendered speechless. This wound was really small and was it necessary to ask him, an attending doctor, to treat it? “All right, I will help this miss bandage the wound right now. ” The doctor then waved his hand to gesture the nurse to push a nursing cart forwards and then said to Florence, “Miss, please sit down, I will bandage your wound. ” Florence felt helpless. Seeing that Ernest was quite resolute, she realized that he would only treat her own wound after making sure that the cut on her finger was bandaged. But there was much more blood on his arm. Florence glanced around the other doctors in the ward and said, “Can you have a look at Ernest’s wound. The wound on his arm opened. ” As Ernest was so noble, his wound, including the change of medicine, was treated by the professional attending doctor. Although the other doctors were all famous and authoritative doctors in other aspects of medicine, but they were responsible for different aspects and seldom overstepped the boundaries in usual times because they wanted the treatment to have a maximum result. But the attending doctor had to treat Florence’s wound now… They took a glance at each other hesitantly. Ernest pointed at a doctor casually and said, “You, please come over and bandage the wound for me. ” The doctor was stunned. He was a neurologist

Did it mean that he would not be able to stay in his exclusive medical team in the future? Georgia, who was standing aside, noticed the reactions and changes of emotions of Florence and Ernest. They all cared about each other more than themselves. Although Georgia felt distressed when seeing the horrifying wounds on Ernest’s body, she felt comforted when she noticed their reactions Since Ernest and Florence loved each other so much, they would naturally be together

. Even if the Frasers came here, they could still finish the wedding. They shall hold the wedding before they came here. Plus that Florence really loved Ernest, the Frasers would not have any disagreement with it. Florence didn’t dare to take a glance at Ernest’s wounds. She didn’t have the guts to bear it because she felt breathless when she thought of it. When Ernest’s wounds were treated, Florence wiped away her tears and then turned around. She curled up her lips into a bright smile as if nothing had happened. But her red-rimmed eyes showed clearly that she cried just now. Ernest fixed his eyes on Florence, a weird feeling surging in his heart. This was the first time that Florence shed tears because of him. But it was not for their relationship but for his wounds. No matter what the cause was, Ernest felt uncomfortable when seeing Florence’s forced smile. He said, “I want to go to the toilet. ”Florence was confused. Ernest stared at her and explained meaningfully, “Flory, give me a hand. ”Florence then finally came to her own senses. She hurriedly walked to the bed and reached out her hand, but she immediately drew back her hand at the next moment. It looked like he had wounds all over his body. Would he touch his wounds unintentionally?Ernest felt a bit helpless when seeing that Florence was so ginger. He was not a brittle glass doll. Then he raised his arm and put it on Florence’s shoulder. Florence froze and hurriedly reached out her hand and wrapped it around Ernest’s waist. She then gently helped him stand up. Ernest’s movements were slow. He slowly stood to his feet with Florence’s help and all the weight of his tall figure was on Florence. They then walked towards the toilet step by step. Florence supported him and gingerly followed his steps.