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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 645: I Don’t Think You Will Leave Me Behind

As if he could see what Florence was worried about, Ernest answered in a gentle tone, “No worries. I’ll try my best to arrange it. ” He would take her with him. As for the problem that Collin mentioned, Ernest thought of it, his eyes darkened, looking at Florence with hidden flames. Besides the fact that she could relieve his condition, he had been longing for making love to her for a long time. If possible, he would take her with him for sure. Florence’s heart couldn’t help hammering when she met Ernest’s gaze. Her mind was in a mess, and she felt somewhat panicked and shy. Her eyes twinkled. She looked away to avoid his eye contact, nodding while gritting her teeth. “Ernest, I trust you. I don’t think you’ll leave me behind. ” No matter what, she would go with him. She was quite determined. What only worried her was that they wouldn’t want to take her along, or probably they would leave in secret without telling her. Ernest pressed his thin lips and said in a deep tone, “No, I won’t. ” Florence’s uneasy heart calmed down a bit. Staring at her tenderly and lovingly, Ernest kept walking forward steadily. He whispered, “Go back to sleep. I’ll send you to your room. ” It was quite late. Florence was still sleepy. Hence, she nodded obediently, pressing her face on Ernest’s chest. She closed her eyes gently, blushing. She whispered, “Ernest, Clarence is staying in your room tonight. You can stay in my room. ” Although she had been eating and sleeping with Ernest when taking care of him in the past few weeks, Florence still felt shy when inviting him to stay in her bedroom to share with her bed. Ernest bent down his head. Looking at her blushed face and trembling eyelashes, he couldn’t help but curl up his lips into a bright smile. He answered directly, “All right!” His clear voice was full of unconcealed joy and amusement. Florence blushed more deeply. She closed her eyes tightly, faking to sleep so that she wouldn’t be so ashamed. While faking it, she truly fell asleep gradually. When Ernest carried her to the room, Florence’s breath had become steady. She looked quite peaceful, sleeping soundly. Staring at her dotingly, he put her on the bed extremely tenderly. Then he tucked her into the quilt gently. After he pressed the corner of the quilt for her, he stared at her for a long time. Instead of lying down on the other side of the bed, he turned around and walked out of the room. He closed the door and walked out of the living room to the yard

Ernest sat upright, pressing his thin lips and looking at Victoria determinedly. He said affirmatively, neither humbly nor pushily, “Mrs. Fraser, I know what you meant, but I’m also determined

. Unless I’ll die, I wouldn’t break up with Florence again. ”No matter how long he had to stay in Fraser’s house, he would wait for the permission firmly. His gaze was firm as an immobile rock. Victoria blinked slightly, but soon her eyes became cold. She said slowly, “Everything has an exception. Just like your disease. No one has ever expected that you could only live for another three years. ”‘Everything has an exception,’ her words were reechoing in his ears. Ernest’s eyes became darkened. That was his biggest weakness at this moment, but it wasn’t the reason that he would compromise. Pressing his thin lips. He didn’t speak anything, but his attitude was obvious. The atmosphere in the room was quite stressed as if they were competing in silence. They did it for the person that they loved and neither would admit being defeated. After a long while, Victoria heaved a sigh. It was a result that she had expected. She failed to convince him, which was least expected. However, Ernest was way too stubborn. “In this case, I’m afraid we can’t get along well next. “Let’s have a drink as for my appreciation for you to save Florence’s life, which would make me feel less guilty. ”As she spoke, Victoria clapped her hand. “Dolores Fraser, please bring us the drinks. ”When the last syllable fell from the tip of her tongue, the closed door of the study was opened from the outside. An extremely good-looking mixed-raced woman came in gracefully with a tray, on which there were two glasses of the cocktail. On her delicate and pretty face, there was a gentle smile. Her blue eyes were glittering. She was absolutely a beautiful woman. She could take a man’s breath away by just a single glimpse. She walked elegantly to Ernest, slightly bent over, and handed the glass to Ernest. Her voice was extremely tender. “Mr. Hawkins, here you are. ”As she spoke, she bent over. Ernest looked at her, squinting. Obviously, this girl named Dolores wasn’t sending the cocktail here. She was here to set him up.