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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 324: I Like You From the Beginning

She didn’t like the way Ernest was distancing from her. It felt like a huge rock was weighing down in her heart, which stiffened the beating of her heart. However, Florence was clueless as to how to resolve this situation. Ernest was not entertaining any of her goodwill while maintaining his aloof and cold attitude. Florence was at a loss, and a frustration was forming in her heart, making her nervous. In those two days, after breakfast, Florence confirmed that there was nothing that needed her attention in the ward before she left. However, after finishing her breakfast today, Florence was in a dilemma when she caught a glimpse of Ernest’s chilly face. She was contemplating to stay behind today to check out what was going on with Ernest. She wouldn’t be able to feel at ease even if she were to leave like this. At that moment, her phone rang. Florence checked the display and found that it was from Phoebe. She immediately picked up her call and began the conversation in the small kitchen. Ernest watched Florence leaving him, which caused his face to tense up even more. He pressed his lips into a line, which formed a sarcastic curve at the corner of his mouth. She was even acting so stealthily even though she was just answering calls. Florence covered her phone and whispered in the kitchen, “Phoebe, what’s up?” “Florence, why aren’t you here yet? I have been waiting for you in front of the villa for a long time. ” Florence hurriedly checked the time and found that she was way past their promised time. She suddenly felt a headache, “Have you bought everything?” “Yes, everything is ready. I am just waiting for you here to decorate the place. Nevertheless, it is not easy to sort these out, and we probably need time to decorate everything. ” Since it was going to take some time, and Ernest was going to come out of the hospital in a few days, Florence figured that she didn’t have much time left. However, she insisted to work on this on her own. She didn’t want someone else to do it for her. After a slight pause, she replied, “Phoebe, wait for me for a little longer. I will be there soon. ” After hanging up the phone, Florence emerged from the kitchen. She noticed the moody expression on the man’s face, which made her hesitate. She began carefully, “I’m going out for a while. I will come back in the afternoon, is that alright?” “Up to you. ” Ernest replied curtly without even looking at her. He was staring at his book with a solemn expression, as if he had nothing to do with Florence at all. Florence stood there with a wry expression no her face, her gaze fixed at Ernest for a while. He was just reading his book, nothing more

I’m going now, please take good care of Ernest for me. ” Florence waved her hand and with her bag hoisted, she hurried off. Timothy watched her back as he was about to say something, but he dismissed the idea bitterly

. He couldn’t just come out and sell out his boss, could he? He couldn’t just blatantly say that the boss’ foul mood was because of her. He was very sullen. They were the only ones who could face Ernest’s wrath now. Timothy glanced at the few maids and said, “You guys can go in. ” The maids had face drained off of colours. Why did they have to be the one who go in? Florence hailed a car and went all the way to Senna International Villa Community, which was Ernest’s dwelling place. Phoebe’s sports car seemed to be parked there for some time, and there were various boxes in his car, which stuffed the interior of her car so much that it was hard to shut the boot. At the moment, she was lounging around in her car, playing with her phone. At the sight of Florence emerging from a taxi, Phoebe leaned against the car window and formed a teasing smile on her face. “Ms. Fraser, I was thinking that you’re going to be a no-show. Why, are you that reluctant to leave him after just two days?”“Who told you that?”Florence’s cheeks were a little flushed as she headed straight to Phoebe’s car. She then pulled the cover of the boot upwards. Her eyes lit up at the various boxes contained in the car. “Phoebe, get down now. We have to hurry today so as to not delay too much. ”As she said that, Florence reached out and fetched the largest box among then before strutting towards the entrance of the villa. Phoebe came down too, and with one of the boxes in tow, she caught up to Florence. “Why do you look like you’re in such a hurry today?”Florence felt a little sullen when she heard this. She explained, “I don’t know what happened, but when I went back there last night, Ernest had been acting strange. ” “How strange?”“He… All of a sudden he became very cold, and he has been ignoring me. He is distancing himself from me. ”Florence still felt a suffocating feeling in her chest, and when she opened the door to his room and saw those beautiful decorations, her eyes became darkened too. Her voice was dripping with sorrow, “I am going to confess to Ernest when he comes out of the hospital. Do you think he would reject me?” Florence believed highly in her chances when their relationship was doing fine, but with how Ernest was acting right now towards her, she was losing confidence the more things went on. “He won’t!”Phoebe was very sure, “I have double-confirmed with Harold that Ernest loves you, and only you. And he actually has been loving you since the beginning. ”“Since the beginning?”Florence was a little shocked. Indeed, she had known about Ernest’s heart from Harold that day, but she would never imagine that his feelings bloomed from so long ago. She was doubtful, “Then, why did he go through that fake engagement with me in the first place?” If it were not for that fake certificate, she wouldn’t have to be lead on her noses for so long