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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 64: I Love Everything That You Love

A strange feeling welled up within her, and Florence blurted out, “I don’t know where I am now. I have missed my stop, and now I am at the final stop at the end of route 18. ” “Just wait for me there. ” After saying that, Ernest hung up his phone. Florence stared at the display of her phone and felt that she couldn’t describe what she was feeling at the moment. Anyhow, she felt a little relieved compared to earlier on. Ernest was coming to get her. She no longer felt so scared anymore. She surveyed her surroundings and decided to sit down on her luggage under a lamp post. When Florence felt really bored, all of a sudden, a few paper bank notes flew by in front of her. They were white in color, and they were fluttering right in front of her eyes. When Florence recalled her surrounding, she suddenly felt herself go stiff. A chill started to run down her spine. She snapped her head up in fear, and what she saw was a team of people dressed in white coming from the direction of the crematorium and they were carrying a photo of an old man, presumably his ashes. They were sulking forward while weeping, and at the same time they were scattering paper money on the road. There were a dozen of them, and their presence in the dark aroused a feeling of terror in the surrounding atmosphere. Florence’s whole body was rigid as she gaped at them and the paper bank notes fluttering about on the ground. She felt a strange tingling sensation in her heart. Amongst the troop of people, a middle-aged woman noticed Florence. She asked, “Young lady, why are you here alone in the middle of the night? The crematorium is just in front. Aren’t you feeling scared?” It would be fine if that woman didn’t broach this topic. Now, Florence was really feeling scared. She gnashed her teeth and shook her head, pretending to be strong-willed. “I’m waiting for someone. ” “Oh, it would be fine if that’s the case. It’s not good for you to stay in this place, especially at night. You better leave soon. ” The woman gave her a piece of advice before rejoining the team. Florence was left standing there feeling pretty terrible. This woman didn’t really give her any sense of concern, instead Florence felt spooked. As she watched those people getting further and further away from her, silence once again descended around her. The only difference was that the ground was scattered with paper notes. From time to time, a night breeze would come by and whip them all up into the air. In the dead silence and the dark night, the atmosphere felt strangely creepy for some reason. Florence was shaking with fear as she clutched her luggage close to her as her other hand fumbled around for her phone to make a call to Ernest

” Ernest replied simply. Then, nobody spoke for some time. Florence felt that her mind and heart was in a mess

. Her mind was focused on Ernest, and this distraction successfully warded off her fears for now. Just as she was deliberating whether to hang up due to an awkwardness hanging in the air, Ernest suddenly continued, “Come with me when I go visit my grandmother next time. ” He was talking about future plans at the moment? Florence realized that Ernest had been bantering about harmless topic with her on the phone, which was unusual compared to normally. It was as if he was deliberately searching for topic of conversation to talk to her with. It was good that she had a company to talk to, so Florence and Ernest began to engage in a harmless conversation. Time flew by very fast as they talked on the phone. On the dark and shady road, a brilliant flash of car light pierced through the darkness. A Lamborghini rolled to a stop in front of Florence. The car door was swung open, and Ernest got off his driver’s seat and came straight for Florence. Florence watched him getting closer and all traces of fear in her heart was gone without a trace. Although the surrounding was eerily creepy, but with his presence here, she could feel herself relax. Florence revealed a smile, “Mr. Hawkins, sorry to trouble you. ”Ernest swept his gaze across her and after making sure that there was nothing amiss about her, he silently let out a sigh of relief. “Let’s go. ”He walked over and picked up her luggage as if this was the most natural thing in the world. This was an act a gentleman would normally do, but when Ernest did that, Florence felt very flattering. She immediately wanted to take her luggage back, “Don’t bother, I can carry it by myself. ”Ernest dodged her question and asked, “Aren’t you afraid anymore?”As he mentioned that, the fear in her heart which she had been shoving aside took form once again. She suddenly felt that the night breeze was a little colder than usual. She inched closer towards him without realizing, “Wait, let me accompany you to put that luggage in the boot. ” As he watched this woman getting close to him, Ernest couldn’t help concealing a faint smile playing about his lips. He carried the luggage and nonchalantly headed to the boot area of the car. Florence still felt a little anxious as she followed Ernest from behind closely. Ernest placed the luggage on the ground, but he suddenly turned around. Florence wasn’t able to react in time and she bumped into Ernest’s chest head on. As if he was expecting this to happen, Ernest naturally wrapped his arm around Florence. They were practically sticking to each other, and the air around them was very ambiguous. Ernest looked down at her and said with his magnetic voice, “Be careful. ” Florence instantly felt her cheeks flushing, “I—I’m sorry. ”She hurriedly got onto his car with her heart pounding furiously. Why was she being so clumsy?