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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 158: I Must Look Messy Now

Ernest had been in a high position and rarely concerned about others, not to mention saying something hypocritical. So this was definitely his inner thought – he was worrying about her. He worried about her so much, even to the extent that he would take care of her in person because he didn’t allow any other accidents to happen again. Florence felt touch because the noble Ernest actually wanted to take care of her personally. She gazed at Ernest, “Have you studied medicine?” Ernest was choked. With a gloomy expression, he replied in a low voice, “Yes. ” Florence felt a bit relieved. At least she could console herself to regard him as a professional doctor. Harold interrupted them, “Ernest has been studying medicine recently because you frequently got sick or got injured during this period of time. ” Florence also spurted out the water that she drank just now. She looked at Ernest in disbelief and her expressions were quite complicated. “Stop talking bullshits. ” Ernest interrupted him unpleasantly and asked him to leave without even caring about his feelings, “You can leave now. ” Harold twitched his mouth, “Kicking down the ladder and valuing your lover more than your brother, what a man. ” Ernest, who was going to pick up a bottle of liquid medicine from the medical kit, paused, and then picked up an exquisite and sharp scalpel instead. “How do you want me to value you?” Ernest shook the sharp scalpel in front of him and Harold felt scared. Ernest was really frenzied! “No… No need. Don’t value me, just value Florence. I have something to attend to and I have to go now. Bye. ” After finishing the words, Harold ran out of the room quickly without even caring about his own image. When the door was closed, there were only Ernest and Florence in the room. Florence felt a headache when seeing picking up the liquid medicine again. She felt awkward when thinking that Ernest would change the medicine and bandage for her and that she had wounds all over. Florence moved backward and said weakly, “Mr. Hawkins, you hand still has not recovered, right? It’s inconvenient for me to help me apply the medicine. You can call Charlotte here. She studied medicine before. ” “My hand has been healed. ” Ernest clenched his hand into a fist. His fingers were slender and fair and it looked like his hand was quite mighty. But Florence still remembered that his hand was bandaged yesterday, how could it be healed so quickly? When Florence was still bewildered, Ernest approached her

He was always patient and tolerant to this woman. He put down the medicine, grabbed Florence’s small hand and then straightly unclasped the button that Florence had been unclasping for five minutes. Then he unclasped the second button, then the third one… Florence’s collar was loosened and she could see her cleavage when slightly lowering her head

. Her face immediately flushed red as she felt extremely embarrassed at the moment. “Urm… Can you not look at …” Before she could finish her words, Ernest had unclasped the last button and pulled her cloth apart. Her body was suddenly exposed in the air. Florence felt so embarrassed. She grabbed a pillow to cover her face and pretended that she hadn’t seen anything and didn’t know anything. She looked like a turtle at the moment. Noticing her childish moment, Ernest couldn’t help but curl his lips into a smile. When he lowered his head and saw the wounds on her body, big or small, his eyes became gloomy. Strangely, he felt distressed for Florence. Although it was Florence was injured, he felt like he himself was suffering. He would not allow this kind of thing to happen again. With a gloomy face, Ernest tore apart the white gauze on her body and applied the liquid medicine on her wounds again. He hadn’t never done this kind of this thing before, but he was quite skilled when applying medicine on Florence’s wounds as if he was a proficient doctor who had been engaged in the medicine industry for decades. Florence felt the cold medicine as well as the faint traces of pain from her body, but she could perceive that Ernest was so gentle when applying the medicine on her wounds. He had tried her best to bring the least pain to her. Florence felt embarrassed and strange. It seemed that her relationship with Ernest was becoming more and more ambiguous. With various thoughts in mind, Florence secretly moved the pillow to the said, only to see that Ernest was lowering his head and treating her wounds with a serious look. There were several wounds on her belly and they were covered with white gauzed. She looked so miserable. Florence unconsciously thought of what had happened in the old factory. That while-haired man tore off her clothes and humiliated her, and she lay on the ground with only underwear. She was so messy back then…And he witnessed all. He now even saw the big and small wounds on her body. Florence felt inexplicably stressful and breathless. It seemed that Ernest had known about all her embarrassing past. This time she was almost raped, and he must know about what had happened to her at that night in the hotel…“I’m so messy, right?” Florence’s voice was so low and depressed as if she was squeezing out syllables from her throat.