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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 708 I Shouldn't Be so Pretty

"Oh," sneered Ernest. His eyes are cold and chilling. "Not everyone is worthy of my woman. " It meant that Hector wasn't worth marrying her. Hector froze. He was cheerfully waiting for Ernest's consent, but he did not expect that he would get such an answer. Moreover, the man defied him. What the hell happened to him today? As handsome as he was and he was in such a high position, why would he encounter so many troubles when he wanted to marry a woman? Maybe the man was Florence's sister so he was serious with her affairs. Hector was a little chagrined. Samantha listened to the conversation and was surprised by Ernest's answer. In Raflad, Hector's identity, status, appearance were of the top level. He was the dream of all women. But Ernest seemed to reject him. It wouldn't work. For fear that Ernest did not understand the rules and violated the national taboo, Samantha quickly spoke to Ernest, "Ernest, in Raflad, when a man asks a woman to marry him, she can't refuse, otherwise, she would receive severe punishment and she will have a bad reputation, be hated and ostracized by all. In the end, she would be driven to live on a deserted land. " Florence's eyes widened in amazement. What kind of rule was this? She couldn't refuse the proposal? Should a woman's life be ruined because she hurt a man's dignity? Florence couldn't be angry anymore. Ernest's face darkened and he looked sullen. She couldn't refuse the man? Oh, was he going to marry his future wife to someone else? Hector looked at Ernest's black face and frowned. According to the law, as long as he proposed, he would marry Florence. But the guy didn't seem to agree. He thought about it for a moment, and then said with great politeness, "Bro, if you want anything, just say it. I'll try my best to be someone who is worthy of Florence. " Samantha looked at Hector in surprise. Why would he be incredibly serious this time? In this way, both sides would be perfectly satisfied in the end. Florence, however, felt tense. She felt her heart was being held by a big hand. As long as it beat a little too much, it would be crushed. She couldn't refuse the proposal. Then she must marry Hector? But that was absolutely impossible. What could she do now? Florence's messy dance moves became even messier, and her thoughts were on Ernest. She looked nervously at Ernest for help

Ernest was getting jealous. "No, I. "Florence didn't know Hector's full name

. So she could call him like that. As she explained, Ernest suddenly walked away with his arm around her waist. Florence fell back uncontrollably, and before she could see the ceiling, she was pulled back into Ernest's arms. "Ernest, don't do this. Listen to me. "What Florence said angered Ernest. "It's rock and roll now," he said, gritting his teeth. So, the dance moves were intense. No sooner had Florence heard Ernest's words than she was turned round by him. She felt so dizzy. But the sound of thunderous rock music, like projectiles thrown into the crowd, made the crowd crazy and excited. All the people were dancing the most intense dance. They swung and turned around madly. Florence had never danced like this before and she couldn't stand it. Feeling dizzy, Florence was turned back into Ernest's arms again. She stretched out her hands and tightly wrapped around his waist. She clung to him, begging for mercy. "I was wrong. Spare me. "Ernest paused and looked down at the tiny head in his arms. "What wrong things did you do?""I. "Florence was still dizzy. She didn't feel like she was doing anything wrong. For a moment, she stuttered. Ernest didn't wait for her answer, grabbed her by the wrist and tried to throw her out again. Florence was so scared that she tightened her grip on Ernest. In the last moment, she blurted out, "I should not have been born so beautiful! Or the brainless Hector wouldn't have fallen for me at first sight. "