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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 487: I Want to Hear the Truth

Ernest’s movement paused for a while. He raised his head and looked at Florence. He said, “Benjamin suspected that I was Clarence. He not only spread rumours in the Fraser family but also spread the news in the Turner family. The members of the Turner family suspected it so they summoned me urgently. If I don’t show up, it will cause a lot of trouble and suspicion. So, I’ve gone back to the Turner family. ” So that was why. Clarence was in the Fraser family and since Ernest simultaneously showed up at the Turner family, the rumour that Ernest was Clarence would certainly be proven false. Florence was slightly relieved. In this way, Ernest would not have any big problem to worry about afterwards. She looked at him while her eyes were sparkling, “Then, have all the members in the Turner family been pacified?” “It’s about to be done. ” Ernest did not stop his actions. He wiped away the dregs and blood from Florence’s wounds entirely. The good thing was that her injury was not severe so it was fine even if he did not put medicine on her wounds immediately. Florence said again, “Then do you still need to go back to the Turner family?” “I still have to go back after a few days to deal with some matters. ” After Ernest finished speaking, he saw that the light in Florence’s eyes instantly dimmed. His heart ached for her as he fondled her little face, “I promise I’ll be back very soon. ” Only God knew that Florence was not willing to even let him leave her for a day. She subconsciously gripped his clothes tightly and reluctantly nodded. When Ernest looked at her little face with a grievance, he felt sorry. He said while smiling, “What, you aren’t reluctant to let me go?” Florence skimmed her lips. She was not reluctant, of course. The separation and uneasiness of the past few days made her extremely restless. There were twenty-four hours a day but she missed him for twenty-five hours. She pulled his sleeve and nodded firmly while blushing. “I miss you. ” The soft voice, like a feather, gently touched Ernest’s heart. Ernest looked at her and his gaze instantly darkened. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his arms at once. He lowered his head and said word by word at a very close distance. “Florence, I miss you too. ” After these words were uttered, his thin lips pressed down and landed on her red lips. His kiss was light but it was like a spark that fell on the barren grassland as it instantly set the dry grass on fire

Two of the men stood straight at a position that was not far from Phoebe. They looked like door gods. Phoebe twitched her lips

. Her excuse of being alone in the middle of nowhere was invalidated. She was reluctant and she said again, “It’s rare for Flory and my cousin to stay alone together. Young people like to stay alone and talk about some intimate matters, you should give them a little more time. ”Hearing this, Stanford’s eyes suddenly darkened. He looked down and sharply stared at Phoebe, “They rarely stay alone together?”Facing Stanford’s sharp gaze, Phoebe’s heart throbbed and she felt a little uneasy inexplicably. But, there did not seem to be much wrong with this statement so she nodded. “Yeah, it isn’t easy for them to have a chance to be alone and walk around the woods so they want to stay a little longer. ”“They have a chance to be alone every day, why don’t they stay together? Why do they choose to play with you and only intend to stay alone now?”Stanford’s deep voice was showing that he was questioning. Since Benjamin uncovered Clarence’s identity, he always felt that the relationship between Florence and Clarence was strange but he could not tell exactly why. However, Phoebe’s words just now seemed to have enlightened him. These few days, Florence and Clarence would also be playing together as usual but what was different was that when they travelled or walked, they would always call Phoebe to go together. Even having afternoon tea in the small garden was no exception. But before that, Florence and Clarence often stayed alone together. Phoebe’s face turned pale and her eyes flickered. She did not expect that Stanford’s question was so sharp and concise. She explained diffidently, “It’s because I was bored after watching TV dramas these days, so I asked Flory to play with me. ”Stanford said with a deep voice, “DIS’s new drama has just reached the most exciting episode. ”DIS was one of Phoebe’s favourite male stars. Phoebe would certainly watch all the dramas he played. Moreover, she would watch it without leaving home. Phoebe’s mouth widened as she was surprised. She looked at Stanford incredulously. “How do you know that I like DIS?”A touch of discomfort spread over Stanford’s face but it was instantly replaced by indifference. He shook off Phoebe’s hand that was pulling him. He suddenly bent his body and reached out to pinch her chin. His tone was cold and dangerous, “Phoebe, I’ll pay attention to everything that has to do with Flory. Whether you’re lying or not, I’m also clear about it. So, I’m giving you the last chance to tell me the truth. ”His cold tone undisguisedly exposed Phoebe’s nonsensical lies.