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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 392: I Will

Florence had never expected that Ernest would speak those words to her, even in her dreams. She looked at him in a daze, only to feel that her heart was hammering so violently as if it would pop out from her chest. She couldn’t even find any words to retort him. In the beginning, if Ernest wanted to use her identity, he indeed didn’t need to sign the fake engagement agreement with her. Otherwise, they would have registered and got married long before Stanford had arrived in City N. “But. ” Florence’s eyes twinkled. Her mind was in a mess. “You have agreed to call off the engagement at that time. ” After she had overheard Grandma Georgia’s words, Ernest even didn’t explain to her. Hence, she had thought that he acquiesced in agreement. Ernest heaved a sigh. He said in a voice with helplessness and regret, “I just didn’t want to trouble you. ” He was reluctant to trouble her and force her. If she had decided to leave, he would rather let go of her, even if he would be touched to the quick. However, if he had known earlier that she did love him, he wouldn’t have let go of her no matter what. They had almost missed. Florence gaped at Ernest, different feelings surging in her heart. It was such an indescribable feeling. She had never thought that it was that reason that led her to break with Ernest. He had chosen to let go of her just because of her attitude. Also, she had misunderstood that he never liked her but only used her. Hence, she left him decisively. What a huge misunderstanding! After Florence was shocked for a little while, the uncontrollable joy surged in her heart. She stared at Ernest, her heart beating faster and faster. “Do you truly. truly. ” Like her? Florence blushed, short of breath. She stammered but couldn’t utter a complete sentence at all. Looking at her blushed cheeks with shyness, Ernest finally felt relieved, and his heart jumped back to his chest. He knew that she understood everything and she still loved him. Delightfully, he walked up and clung to her with his tall and strong figure

It felt not bad at all. Raising his hand, he wiped away the bloodstain from his mouth. Putting his arm on Florence’s shoulder, he pulled her backward

. Ernest looked at Stanford sharply. He went straight to the point. “What happened?”Otherwise, Stanford wouldn’t have lost his temper so suddenly and hit him directly. Seeing them so intimate, Stanford couldn’t hide his anger. He said furiously, “How can you still ask me what happened so shamelessly? Don’t you know it clearly? Ernest Hawkins, I thought that you like Flory truly so you’ve chased after her through thousands of miles? I’ve never expected that you’ve done it for your family interests and your right of succession in the Turner family!”Ernest frowned, realizing something bad had happened. He asked in a deep voice, “Make it clear. I came here for Florence. What does it have to do with the right of the succession of the Turner family?”“Ho! You are still playing dumb, aren’t you? Okay. You can blame me for making it clear in Flory’s presence. ”Stanford cast a concerned glance at Florence and continued furiously, “Just short after Ernest arrived, Benjamin Turner from the Turner family also arrived. He said he’s visiting us. In fact, the purpose of their both visits are the same - they are competing for you. ”Florence gaped, feeling so incredible. How come Benjamin also found here?She wondered what happened. According to Ernest’s personality, he should have seen Benjamin as his rival in love. He wouldn’t have shared the location with Benjamin. Florence asked in surprise, “Were you followed?”Ernest frowned, his eyes darkened. He shook his head. Stanford sneered. He said ironically, “He wasn’t followed. They were leaving together. I was wondering how could Ernest Hawkins find our location since it’s so hidden. It turned out the master of the Turner family has exposed the location to them, so they could come here. “He told them both to come here and compete for becoming the son-in-law of our Fraser family. ”Stanford stared daggers at Ernest, “Mr. Hawkins, has your grandfather announced that only after Benjamin Turner or you have married Florence could either of you become the next master of the Turner family?”Although he was asking a question, he sounded quite affirmative. Stanford’s words struck Florence like the lightning. Her face turned pale with a confused look, staring at Ernest in disbelief