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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 290: I Will Cancel the Engagement as You Wish

Since Ernest was not a person to be trifled with, Phoebe quickly pulled open the door and asked in a surprised tone, “Mr… Mr. Hawkins, why are you here?” Ernest didn’t spare a glance at her. He glanced around the room and asked in a cold voice, “Where’s Florence?” It sounded like an order from a noble and overbearing emperor. Phoebe involuntarily pointed at the bathroom and said, “She’s in the bathroom. ” Ernest didn’t intend to avert arousing awkwardness and directly headed towards the bathroom. Florence was taking a shower in the bathroom, plus that she was disturbed, she didn’t hear the commotions outside of the bathroom. When she finished it, she finally realized that she forgot to bring in her bath towel. “Phoebe, can you hear me? Can you please bring my bath towel to me?” Florence shouted. After a short while, the door of the bathroom was pushed open and someone handed Florence a white bath towel. Florence reached out to take the towel, but when she looked up, she saw the man who was standing at the door nobly. “Ah!!!” Florence screamed hysterically. Phoebe covered her ears with her hands with a bitter expression. Flory oh Flory, I also wanted to stop him, but Mr. Hawkins’s aura was so horrifying. I couldn’t stop him; moreover, I didn’t dare to stop him. Florence screamed for a few seconds and she couldn’t react. She was naked now. Oh gosh, why Ernest suddenly appeared in Phoebe’s bathroom? Florence’s face was crimson red. She desperately tried to cover her breasts and her pussy while scolding, “Get out of here. ” But Ernest still stood there and stared at her. Her good figure and fair skin was fully exposed under the light as she was naked now. A single glance was enough to trigger his sexual desire. He would not have such a reaction if it was the other woman. Florence was special for him and she could only be his woman! Ernest moved his lips and said slowly, “I have to watch you, coz I’m afraid that you’ll run away again. ” There was a touch of seriousness and ferocity in his tone of voice. It looked like he came here to get even with her. Florence felt extremely embarrassed. It was not the right time to talk about this! Why didn’t he feel embarrassed? “Get out now. I need to dress myself. ” Florence urged him again. Ernest chuckled and walked over. He stretched the bath towel, “Why didn’t you negotiate with me when you ran away from my house? Now I don’t necessarily wait for you until you dress yourself. ” Florence was rendered speechless. She was lost for words and didn’t know how to reply. Ernest was only several centimeters away from her and his tall figure dwarfed her. He gently covered the bath towel on her body. It was supposed to be an awkward scene, but he did it so naturally and elegantly

She braced herself and then uttered, “Mr. Hawkins, I think I’ve made it clear with you before. I don’t want to marry you, so it’s unnecessary for me to live in your house

. ”Ernest felt angrier when hearing her saying that she didn’t want to marry him again. But he was quite composed at the moment. He stared at her condescendingly and questioned, “You love me, right? Why don’t you want to marry me then? Florence, what’s in your mind? Make it clear to me!”Ernest felt tired of such a chasing game. Every time when she tried to evade or resist him, he would feel heartbroken. Florence looked up at him in astonishment when she heard his words. Seeing that she was dumbfounded, Ernest continued, “Harold told me about the love test before. You refused Reynold. Doesn’t it mean that the one you love is me?”Florence’s heart missed one beat. It turned out that he knew that. But she never planned to tell him about her feelings because it was impossible for them to get together. Flustered, Florence hurriedly shook her head. She involuntarily tried to deny it, “That’s not true. I don’t like you, really. ”Her denial pierced through Ernest’s hard like a sharp sword. Ernest felt his heart aching and at the same time, he felt it ridiculous. Florence was frightened when feeling his cold aura and trembled slightly. But she knew that since she had said the words, she could not regret it anymore. It was a good chance to force Ernest to completely give up her. Florence clenched her hands and continued, “If you really love a person, you don’t need to confirm it through a love test. If you’re not sure and have a love test, you will have the answer the moment you start the test – it mean you don’t like her. If I really love you, why did I refuse you and resist being with you? Mr. Hawkins, I’m really sorry. It’s my fault that I didn’t make it clear with you before and hence you had a misunderstanding. I’m sorry. ”Florence’s tone of voice was quite assuring. Every word she uttered was so weighty. Ernest felt breathless when he heard the words. He hadn’t expected this. It turned out that it was all his illusion. His faith collapsed. He stared at Florence coldly and sternly and said, “Since this is your choice, all right, I will fulfill your wish. ”Florence was stunned. Ernest continued, “I will cancel the engagement as you wish. ”