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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 362: I Will Find Her

“I will find her!” Ernest stressed each syllable, quite determined. No matter who had taken her away or even hidden her underground, he would pay all the price to dig them out. Florence belonged to him. Nobody could take her away from him. In the following days, Timothy became super busy. He even didn’t have time to nap. His mind was full of Florence’s information. He needed to find her at all costs, which had become all his tasks every day. Ernest had also stopped all his work. He fully concentrated on looking for Florence and the Fraser family. However, since that day, Florence seemed to have vanished from the world. Even after Ernest had used his men all over the world, nobody could find a trace of her. He also kept calling her cell phone every day, but he could never reach her. She didn’t reply to his messages on WeChat, either. Since she was gone, she had completely vanished without any contact ways. Timothy’s eyes were red because of staying up too long. He also had stubble on his mouth that he didn’t have time to shave at all. In a hoarse voice, he reported, “Mr. Hawkins, we’ve fully used all the forces and clues that we could find, and we searched everywhere, but we still can’t find Ms. Fraser. And the Fraser family. ” Timothy paused, and then continued in difficulty, “All the clues about the Fraser family were broken. When we looked into each of them, all seemed to like legendary stories. Nobody knows where the family is located. If we kept looking for it in this way, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to find the Fraser family. ” After working for Ernest for so many years, Timothy had dealt with a lot of matters with him and he had experienced ups and downs. However, he felt so helpless when looking for the Fraser family this time. He felt shocked. He had used all the ways to locate it but still failed. All things about the Fraser family were like the legend. He couldn’t find anyone relevant to the Fraser family at all. If he hadn’t met Stanford in person, Timothy would suspect if the Fraser family was just a legend that didn’t exist at all. “Click. ” The tablet in Ernest’s hands was cracked. All the information on it disappeared. The screen went dark. With deep and darkened eyes, Ernest looked quite furious and frightening. It turned out that the Fraser family was far better at hiding than he had thought. “Give the orders to our shadow defense

He was born noble and now staying in a castle in the US. He had been leading a peaceful and smooth life, looking quite unworldly. In his youth, he had also experienced ups and downs, but he was the ultimate winner

. His information wasn’t quite different from it of other noblemen or Earls. Nothing seemed to be abnormal. However, he was from the Fraser family, the isolated noble family. If it weren’t that their shadow force was extremely powerful, nobody would true find out Lord Wendell’s hidden identity at all. That was why the Fraser family could be both powerful and isolated, hiding so well. How could an outsider find their trace?Timothy added, “If we started from him, we should locate where the Fraser family is. ”Ernest pressed his thin lips, reading the document in his hand carefully. When he turned to one page, he paused. His gaze fell on a photo on the page. It was a group photo of Wendell and a woman. And the woman was Gemma. Gemma was from a rich family indeed, but Ernest had never expected that she had something to do with Wendell. Following Ernest’s gaze, Timothy also saw the photo. Immediately, he explained, “Lord Wendell doesn’t meet any guests usually. However, his seventy-birthday is approaching in two days. He has invited Miss Gemma Marlon to attend his banquet. ”It meant that it would be the best chance for Mr. Hawkins to meet Lord Wendell that day. Ernest knocked on the desk with his fingers, his eyes deepened. “Get me a car. Let’s go to the Marlon’s. ”After the car accident, he hadn’t met Gemma again. Since it had been so many days, it was time for him to visit his “childhood sweetheart”. In Marlon’s house. “Pak!” The soup bowl was smashed on the ground, the soup flowing everywhere. Two maids were kneeling on the floor in fear with pale faces. “Miss Marlon, we’re sorry. It’s all our fault. We shouldn’t have cooled the soup so much. We’ll cook it again. Please don’t be angry. ”“Do you think I have so much time to wait for you?”Gemma kicked one maid, looking quite ferocious and vicious. “I’m locked up and I can’t go out now. Think I’m quite idle, huh? Think my time could be wasted by you, huh?”