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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 74: I won’t Marry Him

“I won’t marry him. ” Florence quickly explained, her voice was firm and resolute. Even though she may have some special feelings about Ernest, she never thought of making the fake engagement into a real one. And now Ernest still had someone he liked, she would not presume to interfere in their relationship. “Miss Marlon, I don’t know what to say about your affairs and I wouldn’t interfere with it. The agreement between Ernest and me is only last for a month. When the time comes, I will dismiss the marriage with him. ” After a pause, Florence added, “Or, if he wants to terminate the agreement earlier, I will also cooperate. ” Gemma seemed relieved, “Flory, Ernest have been feeling sorry to me because of this matter, so he’ll constantly avoid discussing this matter with me. Today, I’ve accidentally told you so much, I hope you won’t tell Ernest about this. ” “Okay. ” Florence nodded. “Flory, you’re really a nice person. From now on, you’re my friend!” Florence bit her lips and said nothing. Her relationship with Ernest was just an agreement, but she still felt that it wouldn’t be easy to make friends with Gemma. When the banquet was over, Gemma sent Florence and others out of the hall. It was already late at night, and the weather was getting cold again, the wind was blowing chilly. Ernest took off his suit and naturally wanted to put it on Florence’s shoulders. Florence noticed his actions. She felt her heart tighten a little, and Gemma was still here. This action of his seemed way too ambiguous. As she thought of this, she immediately dodged a little. Ernest’s hand holding the suit froze in mid-air. “I’m not cold. ” Florence looked at Gemma awkwardly and whispered to Ernest, “Don’t let her misunderstand. ” “Misunderstand what?” Ernest didn’t understand what she meant. His eyes deepen as he realized Florence had been avoiding him and keeping a distance from him deliberately throughout the banquet tonight. “Miss Marlon, thanks for your hospitality, see you next time. ” Florence smile at Gemma and waved her hand. She didn’t even took a glance at Ernest and got into the car. Ernest looked unpleasant. He pursed his thin lips with a cold expression and got into the car too. He didn’t even say goodbye to Gemma. Gemma looked at his cold back as he left. A sinister look flashed across her eyes. He was treating her as if she was invisible whenever Florence was by his side

Hence, she came back in advanced and carefully planned all of this. She arranged the women to talk beside Florence, decorated her room like Ernest’s room, put the photos of their pictures taken from childhood to adulthood on the dresser… She knew Ernest was a proud and arrogant man. As long as Florence constantly keeping a distance with him and rejecting him, he would lose his patience and let her go

. … The next morning, Florence went to work as usual. But when she just reached the door, she unexpectedly saw a familiar and particularly eye-catching Lamborghini. The window from the back seat was winded down, and Ernest’s handsome face was exposed, looking exceptionally handsome and comfortable. He said to her, “Get in. ”Florence stood still, puzzled. She asked, “Mr. Hawkins, where are you taking me?”Today was her first day at work at the Hawkins Group, she didn’t want to be absent for no reason. Ernest said naturally, “To the office. ”It was also her destination. But…Florence looked at Ernest and hesitated for a while, she asked embarrassingly, “Mr. Hawkins, did you intentionally come to bring me to work?”She was a bit shy to ask this question. After all, Ernest was a respected and busy CEO of the company. He should not have the time to pick her up specially. However, something must be clarified. Ernest pursed his lips, “Yes. ”It was deep and attractive voice, which sounded firm and clear. The meaning of his words shocked Florence. Did he really come to pick up her? He wanted to fetch her to and fro from the office?Florence looked very uneasy, “You don’t need to come intentionally to pick me up. It’s not appropriate if someone noticed us. ”“You’re my fiancée. ” Ernest reminded her. “But… There is only a week left before we dismiss the engagement. We better don’t let anyone know about our relationship at this moment, or else it will be troublesome for us to dismiss the engagement later. ”Especially for Florence, she would meet a lot of trouble after they dismiss the engagement. Many people would surely come and ask her why they dismiss the engagement. She was really afraid that she couldn’t work peacefully. Moreover, Ernest should already have a way to be together with Gemma in a proper manner. By then, she would be the only one who was incredibly embarrassed. Ernest did not expect her to say this. He was slightly stunned, and a hint of displeasure was caught in his eyes.