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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 641: I Would Rather to Be Hated

His low and sexy voice was filled with sincerity and eager. Florence stared at Ernest with her glittering eyes and felt warm in her heart. She held Ernest’s hand tightly and looked at her parents firmly. She said seriously, “Dad, Mom, please let me stay with Ernest. I will marry no one but him. ” Seeing the expression of stubborn determination on Florence’s face, Victoria got angry. She reproved, “Even if you marry him, you can’t be together forever. ” Victoria turned her piercing gaze to Ernest, “Although Collin said your disease can be cured, you can hardly find all the three kinds of herbs needed in thirty years, not to mention in three years. ” “If you can’t find the herbs and die, is Florence going to be a widow?” Ernest’s look darkened. He pressed his lips and spoke determinately, “I’ll find the herbs and take care of Florence for the rest of her life. ” If he died, he dishonored his promise. He would never break his promise to Florence. “Hum, since you are confident in yourself, why don’t you get the herbs to heal yourself first and then come to see Florence?” It was difficult to get the herbs. It might take three years. Didn’t it mean that Florence had to wait alone with anxiety at home for Ernest? She couldn’t do that! Florence shook her head immediately and spoke to her mom anxiously, “Mom, Ernest need me. I have to help him get the herbs. We’ll stick together through thick and thin. ” “Flory, three years is too long! If you come with him and he couldn’t find the herbs in the end, you’ll lose your youth, and your entire life will be ruined because of him!” Victoria persuaded earnestly, desperately desiring to separate Florence and Ernest forcibly right now. Her didn’t allow her beloved daughter to suffer because of a man. Florence understood her mother’s good intentions, but she knew better that she must be with Ernest. “Mom, I owe my life to Ernest. My life belongs to him. I already knew the Turner family’s genetic disease. Ernest will die without me. So, I must stay with him both professionally and personally. ” It was for love and morality. She would bear his child and save his life. Victoria’s face darkened, and she said, “The disease can be cured by marrying the daughter of our collateral relatives. ” “Ernest, I can give you right now the other pretty and excellent daughter of the Fraser family. Why don’t you let Florence go?” Victoria looked at Ernest coldly as if her sight were a sharp knife cutting Ernest’s flesh

She couldn’t spend months waiting her parents to change their mind. She pressed her lips and said, “We have to ask Collin to elaborate it and come up with a plan for searching for the herbs. When the plan is done, I’ll go with you

. ”When they find the herbs and cured Ernest, her parents wouldn’t oppose them such strongly. It meant that she had to do it without telling her parents first. She was too anxious to wait. Three years was not long. The herbs was so rare to be found easily. It might not be found even in three years. Ernest gazed at the little woman who was caring for him wholehearted, emotions flickered in his eyes and feeling content as he had never been. He held her in his arms, “Don’t worry. I’ll get everything ready. ”He would get the searching plan ready and get her parents’ permission. He would take Florence away in broad daylight so that Florence wouldn’t feel guilty and worry her parents. In the hidden corridor on the second floor, Victoria and Alexander stood side by side. Victoria wore a grave face and looked at the lovers hugging together intimately, mixed feelings showing in her eyes. She whispered, “Alex, do you think what I am doing is cruel to Flory?”She could tell it that even though Ernest had lied, they loved each other deeply. They put each other above their own life so how could they be parted easily?To break them up was no worse than cutting their heart. Alexander held Victoria’s shoulders, patted her lovingly, and comforted her in a very soft voice, “You are doing it for Flory’s good. She will understand you. Dolores is a good girl and a medical student. If she is the one to be with Ernest, she can help Ernest look for the herbs. ”“Give Dolores to Ernest …. ”Victoria sighed, “I’m afraid Flory will hate me. ”“As her mother, I made her suffer too much when she was a child, and I can’t bear to let her suffer anything bad again by allowing her to leave with Ernest. ”“And I don’t want to see her breaking down when she fails to find the herbs and loses Ernest. ”“I’d rather to be a cruel mother from the beginning by breaking them up and killing off any hope. ”