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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 564: If My Hand Slipped, You Can’t Blame Me

Frowning, Florence looked around, only to find a BMW parked in a corner. She said, “I’ll drive that one. Insert the key, and you all should leave!” The maid said angrily, “Florence Fraser, don’t push your luck too far!” Without watching Benjamin, they wouldn’t feel relieved. Florence was running out of patience. With a frown, she snapped, “You only have one minute to get ready. Do as I said. Otherwise, I’ll stab him to death. ” As she spoke, she looked as if she would stab further into Benjamin’s neck as the threat. The maids were all freaked out when seeing it. Immediately, they said, “Stop moving! We’ll leave now. ” They dared not to talk nonsense anymore. Immediately, they insert the key into the engine and started it. Then they left quickly. Soon, around the entrance, only Florence and Benjamin were left. Benjamin sneered. “Flory, you are smarter than I thought. ” Florence was raised in an ordinary family. He didn’t expect that she could be so bold and smart. Florence was forced to a blind alley. How could she keep being weak? She pressed her lips. Ignoring Benjamin, she pushed him to the car. Probably Benjamin was disabled, the car was particularly designed -- there was a piece of equipment for his wheelchair to move into the car. Florence pushed him into the car but her hand didn’t remove from his neck. Then she said, “You can still support your body with the other foot, can’t you?” Benjamin’s expression changed as if he looked quite annoyed. “Do you want me to sit on the passenger seat?” It would be better for him to stay in the wheelchair instead of moving around right now. However, if she allowed it, he would be behind Florence, and her scissors would leave his neck. Florence nodded affirmatively. “Before I could escape from here, I wouldn’t move the scissors away from your neck. Just give up. ” She was afraid to be shot on her head. Benjamin squinted. It turned out that Florence was more cautious than he had thought. Helplessly, he said, “I can’t stand by myself. You need to help me up. ” “Sure. ” Without any hesitation, Florence kept one hand poking the scissors against his neck and helped Benjamin up with the other hand. Benjamin’s mouth corners twitched. “You may lose balance when helping me up

However, what Florence said had made him swallow his lies. If he let his men continue following them, Florence could kill him by accident. In that case, his loss would outweigh the gain for sure

. With a darkened face, Benjamin reached out his finger that was bandaged and pressed down a button in the car. Then he ordered solemnly, “Stop following her. ”In the compartment, a maid’s nervous voice was heart. “But, Young Master, we can’t rest assured to let you be there all by yourself. ”It turned out the button was connected to an interaction device. Florence squinted and said, “If I’m safe, I’ll release him. After all, I don’t want to kill him now. If my hands are dirty, I might have nightmares every day. ”The maid wasn’t convinced. “Why should I believe you. ”“It’s alright. Just wait to gather Benjamin Turner’s corpse then,” Florence interrupted the maid’s words in a cold tone. Suddenly, she stepped on the gas. The car rushed forward at a high speed. They both leaned forward because of the inertia. The scissors in Florence’s hand also moved, cutting the hole on Benjamin’s neck more widely. Benjamin’s expression changed dramatically. He immediately tightened his body and moved along the scissors. He dodged the scissors from being stabbed further by it riskily. Cold sweat oozed on his forehead. Just now, if he reacted more slowly, he would probably die right now. He realized that Florence didn’t plan to save his life. Benjamin looked at Florence with hatred. Meanwhile, he ordered the interaction device, “I’m repeating it. Stop chasing her!”His hoarse voice was full of murderous tone. The maid answered with a trembling voice, “Yes, Young Master. ”As soon as she finished speaking, the cars that were chasing Florence’s all stopped. Florence kept driving. In less than a minute, she had dumped all of them. Without those stalkers behind, Florence slightly breathed a sigh of relief. After a long while and ensuring that they were far away from Benjamin’s territory, Florence knew they had realized a nearby city. Then she moved the scissors down from his neck.