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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 146: If You Didn’t Want to Take the Last Step, Then Just Leave It to Me

When looking at the couple on the screen who were hugging each other, Florence also felt moved. She even desired for such a pure and wonderful relationship at the moment. How awesome it would be if someone would love her in this way and take 99 steps towards her with any complaints… When Florence was lost in her thoughts, a big hand tightly held her small hand and their fingers entwined. Florence could feel the warmth from his palm. She was stiff and turned her head to look at the man beside her subconsciously. Although the lights were dim, she could clearly see his deep-set and loving eyes. He was so closed to her and his voice was so low and soft as if he was whispering to her intimately. “Florence, if I take 99 steps towards you, will you take the last step towards me?” It was like the voice from the movie as well as the other audiences in the room all disappeared into the thin air and the room was prevailed by silence. Florence only had Ernest in her eyes at the moment. His words were rebroadcasted in her mind again and again. ‘Florence, if I take 99 steps towards you, will you take the last step towards me?’ He actually confessed to her in the manner that she was looking forward to… Florence was silent for a long while and didn’t reply. Ernest fixed his eyes on Florence and approached closer to her. He said in an overbearing tone, “If you don’t want to take the last step, then just leave it to me. ” Whether if it was the first step or the last step, as long as it was to approach her, as long as she would still stand there waiting for him, he would walk towards her. She would definitely be his woman. Florence’s heart skipped one beat and she felt like she was dragging into a bottomless abyss by a big hand. Struggling would only lead to a worsen situation. … Although Florence and Ernest had run away, the news about Florence dating with Ernest and watching movie together still went virus in City N and caused a heated discussion. The two of them dated each other and watched movie together after that ambiguous action at the press conference. This was an incontestable proof of their relationship for all those onlookers. Ernest and Florence were definitely a couple. Florence was a designer who just became famous, while Ernest was the most powerful and richest person in City N. The two of them were all well-known and now they fell in love. This piece of news attracted a lot of attention. Numerous people feel envious and jealous of them. As Ernest was from a super-rich and powerful family, while Florence was a designer who just became famous recently, it was safe to say that Florence was like Cinderella

” Charlotte concealed the jealousy in her heart and told Florence about this with a smile. Florence didn’t notice Charlotte’s emotions because she was so shocked, “Really? Why haven’t I gotten any news about it. ”“Maybe it’s because they haven’t determined it yet, so mom wants to tell you about this when the Hawkins family informs them about this

. She’s afraid that it would let you down if there’s any change. But I think that sine you and Ernest are so intimate, you may have learned about this. ”Florence shook her head, feeling extremely complicated. The Hawkins family was preparing for the wedding ceremony. If they invited her parents later and decided on the date, she and Ernest would have to get married. But they didn’t really intend to get married…Florence felt so agitated that even her head was aching. The rumors about her relationship with Ernest had gone virus, and now the Hawkins family was preparing for their wedding ceremony. What should she do now?“Sister, what’s wrong with you? You look pale. You don’t want to marry Ernest?”Charlotte had been keeping an eye on the change in Florence’s expressions, trying to find out some unusual change in her expressions. Florence shook her head fretfully and was not in a mood to talk to Charlotte. She must find a way to stop the progressing of this matter. Otherwise, if they canceled the marriage in the future, it would have a huge impact. It would probably have a negative impact on not only herself, but also the Fraser family. Charlotte was a bit surprised when seeing the anxiousness on Florence’s face. She schemed in heart delightedly even if she couldn’t figure out why Florence was not interested in marrying Ernest. But this would give her an opportunity. When Charlotte was scheming about this while going out to buy something, she bumped into Cooper. Her eyes lit up and she hurriedly walked towards Cooper. “Cooper, why are you here? Are you coming for my sister?”“Yep. ”Cooper nodded his head. Although he still looked handsome, there seemed to be two dark circles below his eyes. He looked haggard as if he hadn’t slept well