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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 464: If You Were Late for A Minute

He would have kicked the person out if it was someone else. But it was… Collin’s eyes were wide opened. “What did you say? What’s wrong with Flory?” He rushed towards Ernest, lifted the jacket and saw Florence with no sign of life at all. She looked close to a corpse. Collin took a deep breath, he didn’t have time to asked questions and said, “Bring her over!” He turned and walked towards an inconspicuous door. Similar to one in the village at N City, the setting looked ordinary but inside was a different world. There were a series of machines and also self-invented machines that could not be found anywhere else in the world. The facilities here were much better than any of the hospital in the entire world. Ernest could only trust Collin under such circumstances. Florence’s condition was critical, it even shocked Collin, he was nervous but was able to calm down quickly and begin to save her. There were a few machines wired on Florence’s body, Collin was busy as a bee. Despite having some medical knowledge, Ernest learned it to take care of Florence should she accidentally cut or wounded herself, so he couldn’t understand the method that Collin applied to Florence. He didn’t even know what really happened or what was the problem. He was as nervous as a kitten in a room full of rocking chairs. His body was stiffed and he stared at Florence without a blink. There were water dropping from his bathrobe, a pile of water was formed around where he stood within seconds. Time passed. Collin was engrossed in concentration, while for Ernest, seconds felt like hours, time had never passed slower than now. Finally, Collin stopped. Ernest asked hurriedly, “How?” Collin wiped off the sweat on his forehead and let out a sigh. “If you were late for a minute, we could’ve lost her. ” Ernest had finally relaxed a little

While drying Florence’s hair, Ernest thought of something and asked with a deep voice. “What happened to her?” He sounded fierce!Collin’s face stiffened and his sights turned dark, “She…” “What happened? What happened to Florence?!” Victoria’s voice was heard from outside and was seen rushing into the room the next second. Alexander and Stanford followed anxiously behind

. Collin was surprised. He had just saved Florence, he didn’t even have time to contact them, but they were already here? He understood when he saw Stanford who was in his suit. He reckoned that Stanford had been surveilling Clarence and Florence and he would be notified immediately should something happened. And it seemed like he was still up, so he knew that Ernest sent Florence over in the rain. “Mrs Fraser, please rest assured, Florence is fine now. ” Collin tried his best to calm them. Florence’s condition was stable now so there was no need to say anything that might terrify them. Victoria showed a sign of relief after hearing his words. She immediately walked near the bed, looking at Florence’s pale face worriedly. Her heart was in pieces seeing her daughter in that condition. She glanced at Clarence sitting at the side. He was all soaked, he looked terrible, and so it was obvious how urgent the whole situation was. Her sharp eyes turned to Collin, “Why would Flory fell sick out of a sudden?” Looking at everyone’s face expecting an answer, Collin hesitated. He thought for a while and said, “It wasn’t serious, I guess she had eaten too much crayfish during dinner and caused an allergic reaction. ” “It was only allergy?” Ernest asked in doubt. In order to play the role of Clarence perfectly, he researched about allergy reactions and symptoms, there were different kinds of allergy reactions but none was like what happened to Florence that almost took her life. Collin didn’t tell the truth, he was hiding something. But, why?