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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 343: Ignored by Ernest

“Hi, Mr. Brooks. I’m here to submit the resignation letter. ” Florence walked to Antony’s desk directly and handed over the envelope in her hands officially. Anthony frowned. He didn’t take it over. With a solemn tone, he said, “You don’t need to resign. Florence, you can distinguish the business and your privacy. ” Although Anthony didn’t say anything directly, he clearly implied that he had known what happened between Florence and Ernest. However, for Florence, nothing was distinguished between the business and her privacy from the beginning in this company. As an infamous designer at her downtime, she came to work in the Hawkins Group just because Ernest had opened the backdoor for her. Now their engagement was called off, and she had fallen in love with Ernest. She hadn’t let go of her disappointment in love yet. How could she afford to face Ernest in this company? Florence shook her head. “I’ve made up my mind. I do want to quit. ” Anthony heaved a sigh. He stood up and bypassed his desk to stand in front of Florence. He said sincerely, “Florence, though I don’t know what on earth has happened between you and Ernest, I could see you both love each other. “You would always have arguments or even breakups when falling in love, which is normal among the youngsters. I do hope you could treat it reasonably. Just give you and him both another chance. ” He could tell that Ernest might look quite normal in recent days. He even worked harder, but he had changed a lot, emanating a cold and dark temperament. Just like what Harold had thought, Anthony agreed that Ernest had a crush on Florence, loved her. Florence even thought so herself. However, it was just because that Ernest was too good at acting, making everyone have such an illusion. He had never loved her. From the beginning to the end, he was using her. It was totally different from the conflict between lovers. It was relevant to rock bottom. It was the gap that Florence couldn’t overcome at all. There wouldn’t be any possibility between Ernest and her. Looking at Anthony, Florence bowed to him sincerely. “Mr. Brooks, thank you very much for your kindness. I really appreciate your help and support to my work in the past few months. ” She was thanking him as well as bidding him farewell. Anthony knew that no matter he spoke, it would be useless. He heaved a sigh helplessly, taking over the resignation letter from Florence’s hands. He added, “I can’t approve your resignation yet. Please take it as a long vacation. When you have thought it through and want to come back, you are always welcomed. ” Coming back? Florence asked herself faintly

Florence’s figure vanished in the corridor shortly. Standing in Anthony’s office, Ernest’s tall and strong back was stiffened. He tightened his face without turning back at all

. Florence was leaving like escaping with a hurry and fast pace, her eyes reddened. She felt that she would burst into tears at any time. She felt so upset that she might explode soon. “Bang!”She trotted too fast that she didn’t notice someone was in front. All of a sudden, she bumped into a woman. “I’m sorry,” Florence apologized in a hoarse voice. She raised her head, only to find that she had bumped into a female coworker. Without looking at Florence, the woman looked at the big frame beside them. “I hope it’s not broken. ”Another coworker immediately helped the frame up and checked up and down carefully. “Fortunately, it’s not broken. This is the poster that needs to be used later. If it’s broken, we’ll be doomed. ”They two breathed sighs of relief, and then they looked over at Florence. “Be careful when walking. Now all the employees in the company are quite busy. If it’s broken, you can’t bear the consequences. ”Before she finished her words, she swallowed them back. Then she exclaimed in surprise, “Hi, Florence?”Florence didn’t know the two coworkers in front. However, because of her relationship with Ernest before, she was well-known in the whole company. Florence nodded at them in response. “Yes. I’m sorry. ”“Nothing. It’s alright. It doesn’t matter if it’s broken. We can’t blame you for it. Please don’t take my words to heart seriously. If Mr. Hawkins knew it, I would be fired definitely. ”The coworker looked at Florence in worry, looking quite regretted. Florence was a bit taken aback. Shirley even had known that she broke up with Ernest, but why this coworker didn’t know it. She wondered if the news that her engagement to Ernest had been called off was announced in the company. A bit weird, Florence recalled Ernest’s aloof look just now and thought that it was not that important. Sooner or later, the news would be announced. Since Ernest hadn’t informed the whole company, Florence guessed that probably he didn’t care about it at all. For Ernest, he always did things with targets. He only cared about things that he aimed at and ignore other things that were unimportant to him, just like how he ignored her just now