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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 682: I’ll Carry You

They were now facing a tough situation and had to race against the clock to get out of the snowfield. They should not sleep any longer. Florence’s urge to sleep vanished in an instant and she opened her eyes at once, about to sit up from the quilt. As she just moved, Ernest held her down. "Wait, it's cold outside. Get dressed under the covers. " With that, Ernest sat up from the side. He took out Florence's clothes from behind, and shoved them into her arms. The moment Ernest left, the cold wind instantly blew in from the outside, and Florence could feel the piercing cold. But in a flash, her arms were stuffed with clothes, which were still warm. Florence was a little surprised and she looked at Ernest. Had he covered her clothes with the quilt when she was still asleep just now? This was what she used to do when it was too cold in the winter. She would take the clothes she was going to wear to bed and cover them with quilt in advance. Yet she did not expect that Ernest who was so superior and thought he was beyond all humans would do such thing for her. Florence was touched and gratitude bubbled up inside her. Seeing Florence's dazed and admirable eyes, Ernest's eyes went slightly deep. Her expression worked especially well on him. He let out a pleasant smile and said in a doting way, "Put on your clothes first, I'll heat the meal up. " He then sat up from the quilt and put on his clothes slowly. Florence looked at him while being startled. She had a continuous surge of complex feeling. At this moment, Ernest looked like he had gradually become an ordinary human. These things might not have happened to him throughout his whole life. Yet he who was behaving in this kind of way made her feel how a real life should be on the other hand. It turned out they could still be a loving, ordinary couple. Ernest was about to heat up the food they brought, but his action froze when he sensed her extremely enthusiastic eyes. His eyes turned gloomy and he stared back at her aggressively. "Are you inviting me to do something to you when you’re looking at me like that?" A woman's gaze at a man had always been the greatest invitation in the eyes of a man. Florence blushed and she hurriedly looked away. She muttered and scolded, "What a rascal. " Ernest looked straight at her and a light smile broke upon his lips. "I’m a rascal only to you. " His flirtatious words echoed in the tent and seemed to have raised the temperature of the surrounding air

Every step of the way seemed to be an ordeal. Most of all, she felt that she had been walking for centuries, but the road ahead was still covered with endless snow. It was as if it was impossible to get out of there until the day they die

. "Florence, are you okay?"Ernest who was holding Florence and walking slowly with her suddenly stopped and looked at her with solemn eyes. Her high-neck collar had covered more than half of her nose. The thick hat on her head had also covered her eyebrows. Almost only a pair of her eyes was exposed outside. Yet her pair of usually smart eyes now looked very tired and haggard. She was even trying to open her eyes to avoid falling asleep. She was tired to the extreme and she wanted to sleep even though she was not sleepy. Florence looked like she only understood his words after a few seconds. She blinked, looked at him, and slowly nodded. "Yes, I'm good. "Her voice was a little hoarse, but she pretended to be firm. Ernest could not stop feeling his heart ached. How could he possibly unable to tell that Florence's situation was bad now, and she was still trying to endure it?He pursed his lips and squatted down in front of her. "I'll carry you. "Florence was startled, and she rejected due to reflex. She said, "I can walk on my own. You don’t have to carry me. "If she was tired, he must be tired too. It was hard to walk in the snow. If Ernest carried her on his back, it would greatly burden him. Ernest did not move, and his low voice was imperative that did not allow any refusal. "Don't try to act strong, come up. "Looking at his broad back, Florence still shook her head vigorously. She went around him and reached for his arm. "Ernest, I really can continue walking. Hurry up and get up and let's walk together. "Ernest frowned and he looked at the girl in front of him who was caring genuinely for him with a mixed expression. She was worried that he would get tired, but how would he not feel the same for her?