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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 98: Ill-Intentioned Pervert

“Don’t… don’t come near me!” Florence was horrified. She backed off frantically. Collin looked like a whole different person from who he was in the day. He looked laid back and casual in the day, completely harmless. But at this moment, his aura was intimidating and hazardous, like a blood-thirsty mob. “I’ll scream if you come any nearer! This is not a huge place. Even with the door closed, Ernest can hear me if I scream right here!” “This room of mine is especially sound-proofed. I can guarantee you none of your scream will leak out from this room. ” Florence’s face turned dead pale upon hearing this. No wonder he pushed her in here just a moment ago. She scanned the surrounding in horror. The door was behind Collin so there was no way she could get there. The only option was the window near her. Even if she couldn’t jump out the window, she could open the window and leaked some sound out from this sound-proofed space. So she immediately ran for the window. “So naive and cute. ” Collin smirked and ran after her. He was speedy and caught up with Florence just in the blink of an eye. He grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. “Ah…” “Let go of me! You beast! Don’t touch me!” “Help! Help…!” Florence screamed and yelled in terror. Perhaps the sound-proof system of the room was really good, she didn’t hear a single sound coming from the outside. With a wry smile, Collin crouched over her with his stout figure and pressed down her shoulder. “I could’ve done this during the body check-up just now. It was all Ernest’s fault that I have to start all over again. ” His eerie gaze moved down gradually from Florence’s collar bone. His fingers moved towards her chest relentlessly, going to rip her clothes off. Florence was trembling. So he already planned to do this during the body check-up. “Pervert, let go of me, let go…” She struggled aggressively but to no avail. She didn’t have enough strength to resist and could only watch him ripped her clothes apart. Even though her clothes were not of some high-end material, they were definitely not supposed to be ripped apart so easily. There was an extraordinary strength in him. It was extremely dangerous. With her clothes ripped off, the front of Florence’s body revealed. The cool air sent chills down her spine

There were several bruises on Collin’s face, making his good-looking face seemed ridiculous. Leaning against the wall, he panted heavily in rage. He glared at Ernest as if wanted to slaughter him

. There were no talking senses into this guy. He already told him not to punch his face, but Ernest was punching his face throughout the fight. He couldn’t face the world in this look!There was no obvious wound on Ernest’s body. It was just that his shirt was in a mess and his expression was dead grim. He took off his coat and walked over to the bed to cover Florence up. “It’s okay now. ”Suppressing his rage, his voice was deep like the abyss. He felt so bad and worried for her. If he didn’t deliberately come up to check, he wouldn’t have found out her door was unlocked and she wasn’t in her room. It would’ve been a disaster if he didn’t make it in time. Florence’s horrified emotions subsided slightly when she felt the familiar embrace from her man. Burying her head in his chest, her voice was trembling from the aftermath. “I want to leave here. ”She didn’t want to stay here for another second. Collin was a complete pervert. She felt extremely scared just being in the same space with him. Her chest was still bleeding and inflicting pain. “Okay. ”Ernest didn’t have the slightest hesitation. He wrapped Florence up, carried her in his arms and walked out the door. He gave Collin a cold glare filled with warning and killing intent when he walked pass him. Collin looked at Florence with remorse. Just a little bit more, and he could’ve seen it. Now he could only look for another chance. His stare sent a shiver through Florence’s body. She felt as if being stared at by a lurking python, preparing to strike her when she least expecting it. She evaded his gaze in fear and subconsciously hugged Ernest tighter. Sensing her reaction, Ernest said in a low voice, “I’m here. Nobody can hurt you now. ”With a slight pause, his cold eyes shot daggers at Collin, “I’ll kill whoever tries to do that